ICYMI: Great Grandpa are from Seattle.
ICYMI: Great Grandpa are from Seattle. Buggy Vigor

Everything about Great Grandpa is a complete joy. Their 2017 album, Plastic Cough, remains one of the best releases by a Seattle band in recent memory. The lyrics are sharp, the loud guitar tone is the friendliest kind of distortion, the melodies stick in your brain like a pickaxe, and the influences are pleasingly familiar to ‘90s indie rock adepts without going over. If you’re young, they’re just an excellent band. But if you’re an old, Great Grandpa is like bumping into an old friend you haven’t seen in years, only to discover that it’s actually their kid.

Great Grandpa plays Saturday, July 21, 10-11 pm, on the Vera Stage. Find a complete list of (40) must-see acts here, check out The Stranger's full Capitol Hill Block Party calendar, and see schedules broken up by day—Friday, July 20; Saturday, July 21; and Sunday, July 22. Listen to some Great Grandpa (and peep a few videos) below.

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