Your old friends, the Democrats running for Congress in the 8th
Your old friends, the Democrats running for Congress in the 8th: Jason Rittereiser, Kim Schrier, and Shannon Hader. Courtesy of the Rittereiser, Schrier, and Hader Campaigns

In front of a packed house Thursday night in Ellensburg the three Democrats running for Congress in Washington's 8th Congressional District, one of the 23 districts Democrats desperately need to flip in order to take back control of the House, faced off in the first actual debate on the issues of health care, immigration, and the only issue that matters—who can beat Dino and how are they going to do it?

Well, it was supposed to be a debate. It ended up being more of a candidate forum where each of the candidates sometimes politely asked semi-pointed questions after the presenting candidate finished up his or her spiel. But even this milquetoast debate format revealed some truths about the temperaments of each of the candidates, and it was interesting to hear their different reasons for voting against a recent House bill to dismantle ICE. Jump to 13:30 if you don't want to watch me gesticulating wildly while talking to Kim Schrier for thirteen minutes: