I'm not a fan of brutalist architecture, but it looks especially bad when it decays. Old concrete just looks run down to me, as if the architect purposely meant to create a slum. Bizarre that the Convention Center area -- kept alive with the Paramount for years -- is now hugely vibrant right when the popular bus stop closed down, forever. There is a parable there, relating to Trump and our times, but I'm too lazy to dig it out.


I've always hated that station. It's ugly. And it destroyed the original Spag's. And it had a stupid name.

Good Riddance, Convention Place Station. See you in hell.


Good on you Michael. He’s probably got lots more recordings where that came from.


Such dark times, Cholly. Want to go see Mamma Mia 2?


Thank you, Charles. I loved your dream of your mother as both my parents recently passed three moths apart. I too look often for them in my dreams. I sometimes feel...that if everyone could forgive themselves and project love we might have world peace. Afterall, I grew up believing in loving my neighbor and peace yet has world peace ever existed? Surely it must. It is the opposite of today. How do we do it? Peace be with you. Go in peace. Thank you for your work, C

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