Polygraph Tests Do Not Contradict 2007 Accusation Against David Meinert



So does that mean the Stranger will stop running ads for his establishments? Will anyone address whether or not The Stranger attempted to block this story from publication prior to Brownstone leaving?


The Stranger is really going to work on this story. Never witnessed this level of piece writing, not even for Murray.

Sure wish we could get to the bottom of this so either this guy can go on with his life, or be charged, and see his day in court.

Seems a few writers around here are looking to rake him through the court of public opinion instead of the legal mechanisms we have in place, have had in place for hundreds of years.

Civil court has a much lower barrier to prove guilt than criminal court. Now, if none of these ladies have accepted nd's and settlements then there is no reason civil court can't be a viable course of action in these matters.

Or we could go for alternative 2, which is writing a buttload of articles about the guy at every turn in hopes of finding him guilty on social media.


There's a solution to this whole lie detector fiasco. Have each of the ladies go get lie detectors, post the results, and the series of questions. The we won't have to rely on Meinert.

I've lived on the Hill for the better part of 20 years, and have never went to the Comet. Wait, I did go in there once during Hillary & T-rump debating I think.


What @2 said.

Polygraphs are the modern day version of the Oracle of Delphi


Shirtless @ 3

"Seems a few writers around here are looking to rake him through the court of public opinion instead of the legal mechanisms"

If you read Megan Selling's article she mentions that she had previously been verbally accosted by the guy a couple of times in the past. So she was already primed not to like him and want retaliation. I think the guy pissed off enough people over the years that people can now come out of the woodwork whom he was a jerk to a be like YEP, KNEW IT, RAPIST!!


It scares me that anyone takes polygraphs seriously. For an example of how useful they are, check out the Green River killings: at the height of the killings, Gary Ridgway was given a polygraph, which showed he was innocent. Meanwhile, some taxi driver was also given a polygraph, which he failed. So Reichert and company zeroed in relentlessly on the taxi driver, keeping him under constant surveillance and generally making his life hell for something like a year... while Ridgway happily went about his business of murdering women and children. Polygraphs are about as effective as mood rings.

(By the way, I'm not criticizing Heidi for reporting this; she's merely pointing out that even if the polygraph is accurate in this case, it doesn't exonerate him).


@6 Hope she gets her axe grinding off this public lashing.

@7 Fact that you have to offer a disclaimer at the end you should be worried about. I met Heidi. She’s sweet. Is that sexist?


Polygraphs are beaten all of the time. Hence why the are not admissible in court. And since when does some dude get to curate and oversee the questions he will be asked?

What sickens me about Meinert is I 100% believe he is a serial rapist and total piece of shit human being all around. What sickens me more is that he has a young daughter. Donald Trump believes you have to treat women like shit, is a serial sexual predator, and brags about wanting to fuck his daughter. If the mother of Meinert's daughter has half a brain, she'll make sure he's never in the same room with his child without supervision ever again.


Oh and @7 it's interesting you bring up Ridgeway. Two things happened when I lived in Seattle - Gary Ridgeway was identified and arrested and convicted as the Green River Killer. Watching that spectacle was horrific, especially given they knew he was so long before he was caught and so he killed many, many more women.

The second thing that happened is they found the person who raped and murdered Mia Zapata. As someone who did not live in Seattle in the 1990s, I was disturbed by the stories of Mia's rape and murder and how it "rocked the Seattle music community to its core" because people looked around and thought "one of us could have done this, which one of us did this to Mia?"

As an outsider, it seemed odd to me that so many people thought someone in the scene raped and murdered Mia. What's coming out about DM now, it makes sense. How many rapists are hiding in plain sight in the scene? How many people know guys like DM who are pussy grabbing, raping assholes, but they turn a blind eye because they don't want to believe or know or acknowledge someone they consider a friend is a piece of shit human being?


Brownstone said on KING today that she has been working on this piece for 6 months. What was the timeline of her leaving the Stranger? I can't remember


@11 she was working on this story while working for the Stranger. It’s not a good look for the paper.


1) Not having seen the list of questions, its hard to gauge the veracity of the polygraph....it seems the Stranger focused on only two questions. The polygraph data seems have been cherry picked to present a specific point of view by the reporter. As such the polygram taken is inconclusive. So it amounts to nothing neither an admission or denial.

2) Further, any lawyer advising him would definitely advise him not to answer specific questions. The right to silence has long been part of our legal system...whether you agree with it or not.

3) If there are allegation, let wait until it goes to trial and there is a finding of fact and conclusion of law. I'm not a big fan of seeing things like this adjudicated in press.


I seem to remember they dismissed Weinstein's accusers for raking him through the court of public opinion, but the heat stayed on, and what do you know? Charges filed.

Come to think of it, isn't that how the Ed Murray story began? Pretty sure ol' Ed got the benefit of the doubt. And Matt Hickey? I remember hearing the same grousing that poor Matt was getting pilloried in the media just because a fuckton of women brought complaints to journalists.

Yet Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and Johnny Depp and Donald Fucking Trump seem to be doing just fine. Joss Whedon has a new show in the works. Stallone has a new movie coming out. It takes a lot more than one or two or ten women whispering in the ear of a reporter to ruin a man. Takes a LOT of proof to bring a man down, in fact. Kind of looks like the principle of innocent until proven guilty is alive and well, and then some.