Two Acts Quit David Meinert's Band Management Company



You guys are following this story harrrd. What about The Stranger's business/advertising relationship with him, hmmm? Oh wait, in that case let me guess that you will wait to reserve judgement. But everything leading up to that is A-Okay if you get the clicks.


1: What's your point on that? The Stranger obviously just learned about this this week. You have no reason to assume they won't stop running his ads.


@1 I'm applying pressure, which is allowed by community standards (before I get banned). I can almost guarantee you they will not stop running his ads.


Stubborn Love is MY FUCKING SONG.


Hey Marseilles apparently has more character than the Stranger, who keeps running that fucking Comet ad.


Good. This man has lost his shine, big time.


@5 fucking A, I never thought I would be so annoyed by line art


Oh, but when asked to believe Juanita Broderick, Kathy Willy, and Paula Jones - lib elites (including women) still brush it off.


@5, 7,

From what I can tell, it appears they've finally stopped running the Comet ad...

... and replaced it with a 5 Points Cafe ad.


Sounds like raindrop wants us to brush off the accusations against Meinert. Or at least the "lib elites" to.



First, please don't use Whataboutisms to try to detract from the current subject.

Second, you so sure about that? Part of the reason Hillary Clinton is disliked, by conservatives and liberals both, is because of her husband (which is an unfair reason to dislike her) and because of her own treatment of the women who accused her husband (which is a fair reason to dislike her).


3 Ok, applying pressure is all good and well...but they wouldn't really be able to get away with continuing to run the guys ads as long as they're hitting the story this hard. Also, if they keep hitting it this hard, there's a good chance Meinert would pull the damn ads on his own-that he'd decide there was no reason to subsidize the paper that's gone all-in on trying to take him down.


@13 interesting, thank you.


@12: There is merit in what you say, I would only add that until there is a statement of contrition on the matter from the former President and First Lady, this unpleasant history will remain a blemish on the left's embrace of the #meetoo movement.


As to Bill Clinton: It wasn't the fault of the liberals that no prosecutor decided to press charges in any of those cases, and while I also think Bill is scum, there's no reason for people on the Right to keep acting as if they were cheated out of something because he wasn't removed from office. He wasn't removed from office because Congress decided there were no grounds to remove him from office. And nothing would have been different in electoral terms if he HAD been removed-other than the fact that AL Gore would have had a couple of years to establish himself as his own man before the 2000 presidential election and probably would've won by a large enough popular vote margin to prevent Bush and Cheney from stealing victory in Florida. Nobody's defending Bill Clinton-it's just that some of us aren't obsessing about him. Why are you, when he hasn't mattered since 2000?


Besides which, it's not as though if Clinton hadn't run in '92, there would never have been another Democratic president. The GOP was inevitably going to lose the White House sometime, and probably not much later than it did lose it, simply due to the fact that it had held the White House for 20 out of the previous 24 years. It's arrogant to assume that any party anywhere will never lose an office it currently holds, as long as that party faces two-party or multiparty elections.


@2, according to Sydney Brownstone, who wrote the KUOW story and did research while she was working at the Stranger, the Stranger didn't "just learn about this." Savage claims he assigned her to the story (which she tweeted wasn't true; she was working on it and brought it to him). Savage also said in his story that he recused himself from being the editor because Meinert is his friend.


@10. They did replace a Comet ad with a 5 Points ad. That is pretty funny. About as funny as Sawant boycotting Amazon all the time and seling a book on Amazon. It's just the Stranger. Good entertainment. It's like Seattle's version of the Enquirer.


Must we be a bitch @19.



You'll notice that this is one of the SS screen names.


I do not wish to be alarming to all of you; accusations are not convictions. I would think that you would understand that. These comments are very disappointing.


“The Lumineers, the most commercially successful act currently managed by Meinert's company, have not made any public announcement regarding Meinert nor have they returned requests for comment.”

The most successful partnerships endure; the less-successful ones don’t. I believe this is called “business as usual.” It would probably not even get a story here, save for The Stranger’s sudden decision to follow Brownstone’s take on Meinert.

@22: You’re new around here, aren’t you? Expect a few pitchforks and torches to be waved in your face soon; nothing personal, it’s just how they say hello here...


What about Savage? What about Bill Clinton?

Oh, what about the five women who accused Dave Meinert of sexual assault? What about Dave Meinert basically confirming their stories? (Thanks, Dave, for having the decency to have a guilty conscience that makes you say stuff like “I was pushy. I was handsy. I crossed lines. I made advances thaf were unwelcome. I French kiss people out of the blue!” Ha ha ha - such fun!

What about commenters who will do anything to ignore a well reported piece of news and change the subject, because they themselves feel threatened?

“What About”’ - the game anyone can play!


@23 - I think what you’re saying is: the other bands left because their relationships with Onto were less successful? Is that your so-called point? Despite the fact that you don’t believe the allegations against Meinert, you’re accusing Hey Marseilles of being expedient, not principled?

I used to think you commented in order to make legitimate points, but I have begun seeing that you are a self-important blowhard whose positions lack integrity. I especially love the fact that you say things like: “You have not addressed my points at all” when another commenter has completely ripped apart your argument.

I will stop pointing all this out as soon as you start making any sense at all. In your own obnoxious words: thanks for playing!

A Former Fan


@23 & @25 - The Lumineers are no longer working with Meinert.