Conservatives Delight as Teen Visiting Seattle Has MAGA Hat Ripped Off His Head



This was objectively better than Charles' piece on the same issue. To be fair, Charles set a low bar, but still.


This qualifies as a hate crime, as defined by Seattle law:


Any relation to Rudolf?


@4: I’m sure the punch-a-nazi crowd will be in here soon, explaining why punching MAGA teens is also totally justified.


@1 I agree


It's a symbol of violence and bigotry. Not that surprised someone on Capitol Hill (where people have historically sought refuge from such violence and bigotry) would be upset enough to knock it off his head.


Oh jesus. I had to stop reading half way.

Is this the new post-Mienert Stranger reality? Every dopey SJW infraction is going make the SLOG outrage machine? Feed that red meat to the alt-right who have essentially taken over SLOG unopposed.

The Stranger's pet patron get's taken down for alleged rape, Savage get's all butthurt for maybe suppressing the story... and now, suddenly, the constant implication is "Political Correctness Has Gone Mad I Tell You!"

"It's those pesky kids with their damn social justice!" No. It's not. They are annoying but they are not killing this society.

Yeah, people love to be sanctimonious. Sure, the fringe left is kooky. So what?

This kid was a lot more RIGHT than he was wrong. Wearing a MAGA hat in a gay neighborhood is a deliberate provocation. He wanted this shit more than anything.

Go wear a Hillary shirt and an immigrants rights hat and tout gay rights in a redneck bar in rural Montana or Idaho where I'm from and see what happens.

So, I guess the official implicit Stranger position now "is it's all liberals fault." How fucking brave of you, Katie! You bold truth teller, you! Makes sense when you non-apologetically take oodles of money from a (n alleged) rapist, I guess.


That stupid kid’s just a cunt earning credits for his White Victimology degree. They should’ve spat in his face, so that he’d get extra credit as the Real Victim.


I find this "assault" on a dipshit provocateur who's not even old enough to vote quite amusing, but remember: if you're a Liberal, you have to be like Ghandi. You must be utterly non-violent or you discredit everything we've done or advocated for since the Civil Rights Act.

If you defend yourself from being pepper sprayed, you get shot point blank in the guts, and the shooter walks around free for 18 months. Those are just the rules.


sissy weakling was asking for it with his provocative hat, but in his defense all the lad wants is a white ethnostate based on a fantasticated past, what's the harm in letting him indulge his insecurities?


@8 why bother going all the way to Montana, when you can just go to Capitol Hill for the same treatment? Isn't it grand, this course we're on? Definitely better!


conservatives are such babies. Nothing is ever their fault. Personal responsibility is for other people. Whatever they're doing, they accuse others of doing it. Fetishize the military and cops. Bang away on the bible. Lather, rinse, repeat.

That's all that's left of the conservative movement.


Where do SJWs get their hair cut because quite frankly, between the neon colors and weed whacker like tools they seem to be using, they're most often only making an already bad situation worse.


What a great representative of this city.

From where, again?

Please leave the acts of violence to those who can stand there and deal with the consequences, face to face.

Additionally, you can’t expect some kid from who knows where to know the features of varying neighborhoods of Seattle, let alone what the rainbows entail, what doxing is, what varying acronyms stand for, etc.

Someone with the capability to stand there could have just talked to the kid and gotten one hell of a lot further along with him instead of just making the right look better than you.


Amazing how many people missed the point of Katie's article, which is about the fact that it's more effective to use nonviolent tactics.I don't feel in any way bad for Chad-from-Illinois or whatever the fuck his name is, I just want him to lose hard.


Punching Nazis is a civic duty.

This little fucker is old enough to join the military with parental approval; he's old enough to take what he's trying to dish out.

Anyone making false equivalence fallacies can go fuck their mothers, and boohoo if you don't like my sentiments, you fucking snowflake.


There's no reason to be civil to anyone still wearing MAGA gear. Any elderly fox news viewer who watches that and has sympathy for the idiot wearing the "I Hate Toddlers" hat is a lost cause. Let's move on.


If progressives don't supply the MAGA trolls with red meat, James O'Keefe/Project Veritas manufactures it out of lies. Progressives lose anyway. And you know what? It gets a little fucking tiresome to constantly be the only adults on the political spectrum, so pardon me if I don't feel any sympathy for the kid intentionally trolling for a reaction, when he's successful.

"Oh, but it will negatively impact our image. We have to be better than them!" Progressives already are, and prove it every day, especially on election day. And if you think that makes any goddamn difference, take a look around you: unless Breitbart, RedState, InfoWars, and FOX tell them this, they'll never believe it. Feel free to hold your breath until that happens, but I won't join you.


Does anyone actually believe this video is going to change anyone’s mind about liberals or have we all been around long enough to understand this is just red meat for people who already think we’re a bunch of jackbooted thugs who love terrorists and killing babies? We could all just pretend this video never existed and nothing would change. But if you insist on calling attention to it for the love of satan don’t drive up his view count by linking to the fucking video.


Meh, you'd have a rougher time wearing a Dodgers hat in my neighborhood.

The non-violent vs violet protest research is interesting though.


@lolz at me, violence, not violet.


@21: I certainly haven't forgotten, but I didn't think to reference that specifically. You have a good point that it could be a similar staged event though. My mind is just not wired to automatically assume conspiracy, unlike the average MAGA idiot.


Laugh at these people. Point at them and giggle. Humiliation is far better.


Let's see, Trump supporters are going around murdering people and anti-Trumpers are grabbing hats off of people's heads. Tell me why I should give a shit about any motherfucker who wears a MAGA hat in public and gets it ripped off his or her head. Maybe we should start evening the score and murdering them instead.


@25, Of course it’s not winning any votes. I am only pointing out the sheer pointlessness of worrying about the consequences of this stupid video or even caring that it exists.

There is an entire media ecosystem of bloggers and youtubers who push narratives about the evil and/or intolerance of liberals. Go to a liberal enclave >> provoke a response >> edit video for maximum outrage >> post it on youtube. Their content is circulated exclusively by conservative media outlets where people who already think liberals are garbage can reinforce their existing beliefs, and apparently the ocassional liberal who thinks the kind of people who spit on strangers on the street can be reasoned with. It changes no one’s opinion about anything.

All i ask is that for the love of all that is unholy in this world don’t drive up this loser’s view count by clicking on the fucking video.


Guys, the King County Prosecutor’s office called me at 6:09.

Why 6:09, you ask?


Xina, you first.


If all I am ever gonna see from the Stranger anymore is Mudede and Herzog, then it's not worth reading.

Or wiping with.


Thanks for the sanity, blip. I feel like herzog is about to write a credulous article about the #WalkAway movement.


I know gay Trump supporters. I do not think he was out of line at all. He can wear his hat. There is nothing hateful about it. There is definitely nothing about it that would make him a nazi. The only person acting like a bigot and a nazi was the green haired person who assaulted a kid.


When he gets stabbed like the guy in San Diego did because he was wearing a gay pride t-shirt, I promise to feel sorry for him. Until then, not so much.


A couple of doughy weaklings had half a slap fight. Wake me when someone with heavy hands gets written into the script ....


I finally watched it. This was definitely a non-event, with the addition of a camera phone. Even I, mild-mannered Beacon Hill Housewife that I am, have had more aggressive confrontations with what appears to be a street person.


Nonviolent movements might work more, but it takes more than nonviolence for them to work. These campaigns were loudly nonviolent, that is, they were really explicit about it. They had good PR campaigns painting them as martyrs on the right side of history. That's what this books down to, PR.

This guy expressly wanted this to happen or else be wouldn't have been filming at the time in an overtly obnoxious getup. He wanted to play the role of the poor helpless Trump supporter who gets bullied by the mean ol' lefties in Seattle, boo hoo hoo!

Joey Salads must be this kid's hero, he paid people to act violently anti-Trump on camera to generate fake "social experiments" before the election. This is more of the same and way too convenient for him. Stop being so gullible.


Reading the comments from people who sincerely believe this kid is a nazi just reinforces the narrative about the hysterical violent left. I don't fit either camp, and have very little interest in political tribalism. I have as much common ground with conservatives as I do liberals. I'm seeing less and less of that common ground daily, and it's vanishing disproportionately on the left. Trump supporters are not Nazis. There may be a small fringe group of white nationalists who support him, but they do not make up a significant percentage of his support. Antifa is definitely a more significant political force, and they are every bit as repressive, violent, bigoted and disgusting. You can't fight fascism with fascism, and you can't fight what you can't identify. Nothing Trump has done is fascist. Much of it is dumb but none of it is totalitarian. I don't agree with separating families, but our immigration laws are pretty clear. If you try to sneak in without going through a point of entry it's illegal. If I get arrested and detained with my 7 year old son in tow. We will be separated. That's not fascism. The comparisons to Nazi Germany are insane. Trump's press conference after Helsinki was crap, it was not "surrender to Russia". It was not comparable to 9/11, Pearl Harbor or Kristalnacht. We have an idiot President, we've had idiot Presidents before and we'll have them again. We also have checks and balances, that are holding up fine. If the left doesn't snap out of this hyperbolic doomsday tantrum, we'll have him for another term. Punching nazis (which you can't even accurately identify), stealing hats, and screaming at the sky isn't gonna win you any elections. We need a counterbalance to conservatism, don't cripple yourselves with this nonsense.


@42 antifa is at best a fringe movement even here in the bay area where they have a large presence; crossing the border is a misdemeanor and separating children from their parents is excessive, cruel and unusual punishment that will damage those kids for life; our president is more than just an idiot - he has expressed support for autocratic regimes and his white nationalist supporters, who are far more vocal and organized in his support than antifa are in his resistance

in short the only thing you got right is that punching people is bad


*@40 i mean


@40: family separation is not necessary, and is particularly cruel when imposed on LEGAL asylum seekers and their children. it was a deliberate policy change made by the Trump administration to intimidate future potential LEGAL asylum seekers. there is a court order directing this policy be immediately ended and families re-united, which this Administration is slow-walking, either deliberately or out of incompetence.

learn the facts.


@40: and read Umberto Eco's essay on Ur-Fascism.


@15 he is old enough to take what he's dishing out. At this point, he's "dishing out" a hat. With a message many don't like. So unless he's ripping pride t-shirts off of someone body, I don't understand what you mean.


I thoight it was cute for the mother to tell her son to wash the hat. Many people think the kid is a fascist. Others think the green haired guy is part of the violent left. The mother is just practical. Classic.


@40 Oh look, it's Mr. Independent! Thank god you're here to share your brilliant insights, like how you're more upset by a hat being spit on than by little kids being taken away from their parents. You always have such great priorities.


I guess girls who go out to frat parties, dressed provocatively, should not be surprised that they get raped then. They knew where they were going, so they brought it on themselves. Same logic.


The take away from this article is that non violence has been proven to be far more effective than aggressive or violent tactics. I understand the impulse. I came across a group outside my local post office, they were defending trump. My whole body wanted nothing more than to say something vulgar and confront them. I pulled myself together. I took a moment to think about the kind of person I want to be, how I want to represent my beliefs and how my behavior may add to a collective feeling. I'm way better than that. We are all way better than that. Treat all people with respect and dignity. That's how you inspire the masses.


Isn't recording this a gross misdemeanor (wiretap)? Hope this kid doesn't need to pass a background check.