An unnamed 62-year-old man turned himself in and was arrested by Burien Police on Monday night in conjuction with a possible hate crime against Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta.

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In a Facebook post from last Saturday, Matta described the incident that lead to the arrest:

I was physically assaulted, and verbally threatened by a male who was upset because Burien is a Sanctuary City, and I am a latino male Mayor. I will not tolerate being threatened by anyone. You have the right to vote and voice your concerns, however when you put your hands on me. I will press charges on you, and have our legal system take care of you.

We have no room for hate or violence in our community. I don't care what color or nationality you come from. When your behavior is violent you need to be prosecuted and locked up!!!!!

America covers many nationalities, and our flag has been swaying with the wind protected by people from many backgrounds and ethnicities.

This land is your land and this land is my land.......

According to Burien PD, the man has been released but charges will be forwarded to the prosecutor with a recommendation of malicious harassment charges.