Shes gonna banish the NRA from her kweendom.
She's gonna banish the NRA from her kweendom. ILLUSTRATIONS BY CHELCIE BLACKMUN

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The latest ad comes from Kim Schrier, who released two get-to-know-ya ads two weeks ago. Today's new one, entitled "Boys," continues Schrier's theme of showing how her years as a pediatrician will inform her position as a Congresswoman if she gets elected.

The ad begins with cutaway shots of three potential murder children before jumping to Schrier talking about boys hurting themselves and others with guns. "When I'm in Congress I will fight the NRA, and fight for common sense gun ownership laws to keep all our kids safe," she says in a direct and yet somehow also a soothing tone.

In a press release, Schrier spokeswoman Katie Rodihan says the ad "begins running today on all major network broadcast stations in the Seattle market and cable across Washington’s 8th District, as well as on video streaming and social media platforms." Over the phone, Rodihan told me Schrier's team plans to run ads "through the primary," and that the health care ads and this gun ad will run simultaneously. She says they've shot ads on other topics, but the campaign plans to wait to see if they'll run them before or after August 7th.

Over the weekend the U.S Chamber of commerce dropped $200,000 on an ad supporting Dino Rossi, the Republican running for Congress in the 8th District. As Jim Brunner mentions in his article for The Seattle Times, the ad claims Rossi "knows how important trade is," but leaves out the fact that the Republican party's chosen leader is leading a trade war with China and Europe that's hurting Washington's farmers. And what's more, the Republicans aren't doing anything to limit his abilities to wage that trade war. While Rossi has said he doesn't think anybody wins a trade war, he wouldn't tell the Times that he'd sign legislation limiting Trump's powers in that arena.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in the race have all acknowledged Washington's especially trade-dependent economy and more or less offer up the mainstream Democratic position on the subject, which is basically YES to extending and increasing trade the size of trade agreements so long as they include better environmental, labor, and human rights standards.

Anyway, look at this dumb ad: