Patriot Destroys Donald Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame





How terribly uncivil. I hope the gentleman didn't damage his pickaxe.


that is not "complete" destruction. the exterior of the star is still intact.

it's probably a lower-quality pickaxe.


You basically buy these stars, so does the company that sells them pay for the damage, or does the city do so because it is a sidewalk and tourist attraction?


Jeez Dan, don't you realize this is exactly the type of behavior that's keeping sexual assault supporting, kidnapping endorsing, war hero denigrating, ignorant bigots from realizing the error of their ways?



You're usually pretty brilliant. Why are you asking this question which is surely easily researchable instead of finding out yourself and telling us? This is a great opportunity for you to finger-wag at us about how we're celebrating wasting taxpayer money, or at least intolerant double-standard hypocrites.


@6: Someone is very excitable this morning.


Sure, a pickaxe gets the job done but I ask you, what's more poetic and elegant than fresh excrement replenished daily?


I'm ok with this


Hey, extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.


I feel bad for the poor marine that's going to have to guard the star after it gets fixed. Its hot as balls most of the year and hes going to have to stand there in his dress uniform all day.


That must have been satisfying. Taking a pick axe and smashing, smashing, smashing.
Still no word on these secret deals with putin then? This President has assumed dictatorship and whoever smashed that star is all of us.


While the Man with the Pick-ax is doing a commendable job of Making America Beautiful, Again (MABA, Baby!), is it HIS fault they "accidentally" put Trumpfy’s star* on the wrong block? The Walk of Shame is where they were (supposedly) aiming.

*a Black Hole is what it is


One less confederate monument.


@5: Sophomoric and immature minds are unable to nuance that.


Like the well-preserved Ruins from War, let's leave this well-smashed star exactly as it is, as a Reminder. But is it Safe? the lawyers ask. Well, if you're too stupid to see it, step right in it, and tip the fuck over, you're stupid enough to vote for Trumpfy again.

So, the Left (finally!) gets its very own voter suppression.
Just US or Justice? YOU decide.



We should build a wall around it - and ask the Consulado General de México en Los Ángeles to pay for it...


@8; @10 - I would argue that excrement in the defense of liberty is no vice either.


This amounts to more accurate 'approval rating' polling than most of the national polls (these days)


Good job.

A shit-shaped pile of fresh concrete would be acceptable, as well.

And yes, what Thomas Jefferson said.


So why doesn't the Hollywood City Council or whomever has jurisdiction come out and officially deem Donald's star is unworthy and replace it with, oh, hell, Dan Savage, or even Norma Desmond?

More effective than vandalism and scaring up the surrounding sidewalk.


Someone actually did build a tiny wall around his star a couple years ago:


We should remember this,
perhaps as The Night of Broken Marble.


They should tackle this the way LA handles most of it's injured public right-of-ways and fill it in with blacktop for the foreseeable future.


Okay, then, but when the next Democratic president-elect (should there ever be such another again, which is looking decreasingly likely) is impeached before the inauguration, don't complain.


Unlikely. Trump supporters are the kind of people who think the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.


Oh, and btw, a pick-axe probably won't do much damage to concrete --

nothing like a decent electric* jack hammer.

*don't forget to remember the batteries!


@21 spunkbutter: I second that, and also suggest that the shit shaped pile of concrete be dumped over an ugly orange rug laid over the jack hammer damaged star, for further emphasis.
'Tis time to bring down the Evil Empire once and for all.


Otoh ... if Trumpfy hired a contractor to put it in, perhaps this person had had relations with the famous Trumpster, and, perhaps, having been stiffed -- not unusual when dealing with the morally/financially oft-bankrupted -- he'd used shit concrete (Shitcrete™) to fill whatisface's hole in the ground, shit you could easily break up, with a pickaxe or or rusty nail. Piece o' cake.

It IS Karma, The Donald™ -- it'$ out to getchya!
Trumpf U!


@16 kristofarian and @17 COMTE: I agree, with this to add: let's also build a wall around Trump supporters.


@30 kristofarian: I'd love to send Mein Trumpfy up Shitcrete without a Putin.


Hope they just pave it over with plain concrete, saving thousands of precious taxpayer dollars. Fiscal conservatism in action!

(I once spat on the Reagan star, likely risking a fine of $500 or so. Which I would've paid without complaint if I'd been caught.)






Just to add a note - the guy who did the smashing turned himself in to the police. Pretty civil.


Hurrah! Now Trump only has six horcruxes left.