The Showbox's Greatest Hits, as You Remembered Them (Part 1)



I'm really glad the Showbox is going to be torn down. We need much more housing, even if it's expensive. I mean the one thing I've learned from The Stranger is that any density will always eventually bring housing prices down for everyone!


Jello B.; Master Musicians of Joujouka; Buena Vista Social Club, just to name a few


@1: Yes, yes, Franklin everyone agrees we need more housing, you're not being even remotely clever.

I for one will never forget seeing Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics in 1981. It was the first show I ever saw there. There happened to be a square dance convention in town at the time, so one side of street was a line of punks waiting to get into the show, and on the other, knots of square dancers in their full crinolined glory, both groups rolling their eyes at the ridiculous attire of the other.
It was fabulous.


Richard Thompson in particular


The Subhumans 2003. I never thought I would ever see them in my life growing up. Opening US date right before the Iraq "war".


Parliament Funkadelic many many times; stealth Cypress Hill tour warmup show on a Sunday night.
North Miss All-Stars on their first tour with like 40 people in attendance and they destroyed.
Ropeadope records showcase; Critters Buggin; Dirty Dozen Brass Band; Rev Horton Heat; Les Claypool's Fancy Band etc.

someone said snoop dogg and master musicians of jajouka. I second those.


The Final Botch Show


The Dead Kennedys in 1981. Husker Du opened, and I thought they sucked, but they were better their next visit.


The Jam played the showbox? Neat


@8 Husker Du sucked? Damn, they were a non-stop avalanche of noise for 30 minutes...just the right amount of time to make that work. That was my first hardcore show ever...some band called the Fartz played too, I think. Will never forget it.


Peter Murphy, She Wants Revenge, The Mothership (now Ten Miles Wide), VNV Nation, etc, etc.

Sorry but after living there for 27 years, if you ask me, Seattle lost its soul around the mid-2000s. The last last straw is the Paramount and if that comes down, you all know what to do. Save yourself and move away.


I hate to come off like one of those tiresome old-timers who are always lamenting Seattle's disregard for its history (especially because I only moved here in 2002), but the idea of the Showbox being leveled for another mixed-use high-rise might be the last god-damned straw.

Preach, Brother Segal, preach!


Robin Williams trying out new (pretty raunchy) material in an impromptu gig at the Showbox. Can't remember the year but the $50 we paid for entrance went to a food bank. It was a special night.


XTC / Blackouts / Beakers . 1980 or 81 ? Changed my life, changed my music