Courtesy of Brendon Mendoza

JINGLE ALL THE GAY! Kitten N’ Lou present A Very Virtual Queerantine Christmas Edition
Seattle’s most beloved holigay tradition, streaming direct to your living room this December!

Once upon a time, Seattle had a city attorney named Mark Sidran who hated fun and enacted numerous “civility ordinances,” including a postering ban. “The day after the ban was defeated, someone hung posters all over Capitol Hill that said ‘FUCK MARK SIDRAN’ with the appeal decision text on it,” Chase Alvord—the attorney who took the case pro bono and ultimately helped defeat it in 2002—said when I called to ask him about it. His reason for taking up the case after reading about the ban in The Stranger? “I thought it was such a basic fundamental form of expression.”

Seattle Punk Flyer Retrospective 79-85 features posters that preceded (and may have inspired) the ban from bands like Solger, U-Men, the Fartz, 10 Minute Warning, Green River, the Refuzors, Rejectors, and many others, plus music by Seattle punk stalwart DJ Kurt Bloch and beer from Valhöll Brewing. More than 100 have been framed for the show, and according to organizer Brendon Mendoza, there will also be nine never-before-printed black-and-white pics from photographer Carlene Heitman as well.

Check out more of the flyers that'll be on display below.







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