Voter Guide Asks for "Community Service," Maria Cantwell Lists Some Mountains She's Climbed



Cantwell will win handily, so it’s okay to vote for Susan Hutchison for reverence for her service in journalism and to soften her humiliation.


It is so not OK to vote for Susan Hutchinson.

Many people are saying she's never even summited Rainier!


Go for the socialist for real.


Hutchinson is too busy humiliating the working poor.


Cantrell have been a so so Senator, hardly remarkable. Both her and Murray have been Senators for over a generation, Murray more. They are holding on to their seats for the benefit of the Party, not the citizens of Washington State. We need someone new. But the experience they have, we need that. Well, I agree with both of their original campaigns. New faces, New ideas. All Senators were freshman once, and that didn't stop the voters of Washington before.


@5: Sen. Cantwell is in her eighteenth year of service as our senator. If you add her two years in the House before that, you get a Congressional career which is not yet old enough to drink legally. Unless you’re an advocate of teenagers routinely becoming parents, she has not served for “over a generation”.

(Also, she has TWENTY-EIGHT challengers, and the best you can do is a generic, “we need new blood” message? You’re kind sorta making the case for her re-election right there, y’know...)


@6, No. I don't care for Senator for life. She's not that great.

How many years is enough?


P.S. At 18 you can vote, are considered an adult and are free to make your own financial decisions.

Just can't drink.


@8: Thank you for confirming my points. 28 challengers and you csn’t find even ONE of those to name who would do a better job? Not one?


Shame on Cantwell, she needs to do more photo-ops serving poor people soup or throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans.

Neither Cantwell nor Murray are especially strong leaders, but their seniority gives them additional power through committee appointments. Unless some true rock star comes along, it makes no sense to vote them out.


Is Cantwell still a co-sponsor of the notorious bill that would make uttering the words "Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel" punishable by up to a $1,000,000 fine and 20 years in prison?

If so, she is not just a mediocrity, she is an EVIL mediocrity.