Two New Pot Shops Are Coming to Capitol Hill



Ike's has a nice selection and all but they should really consider the tone it sets to have a rude, stone cold bouncer checking id's at the door (I know there are regulations, but they could be a little more pleasant)


I live super close to the uncle ikes/ ruckus dueling pot shops on 15th. so many homeless people camped out if front of those stores. Not a good addition to the neighborhood.


@2 I lived on 15th before the pot shops. Back then the same homeless people camped out in front of Ladro and the vet.


@3 I've lived there for 15+ years... nope. never this bad.


Meh, I don't know. There aren't as many vacant storefronts on 15th as there used to be for people to crash in. I recall lots of homeless folks along 15th, living under my apartment stairs and in the alleys etc. Lots of drug use too of course.


Before I moved to Capitol Hill I heard a lot of bad things about Ikes, so I decided to make Ruckus my spot. Their online ordering is basically non-existent. You order online and when you show up it's never ready. As far as I can tell they never offer any deals (not talking about the loyalty program), and a lot of the flower I have purchased there is from last year. Ikes on the other hand seems to have better quality, regular discounts and the front door staff have always been friendly and chatty in my experience.


@6 Front door staff are very friendly. I hear Ike (is it OK to call him Uncle Ian?) really focuses on making sure customer engagement is top notch.

As for the product, it's not just that I have a shit ton of options, I also get to interact with someone on the other side of the counter that's friendly, and genuinely wanting to set me up with the right product.


convenience is great and all but just because something ia at-hand doesn't mean you move your arm. the best way is when you get high, not when you get close to it so this convenience is too bad, there goes the neighborhood and getting high.


Why is this "news"? What's the point?



What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you high right now? Because it sounds like you want to go back to the "good old days" when you had to contact your dealer and wait around half the day to see if they'd show up? Or worse, have to go to them, and then get stuck THERE half the day because they were too zonked-out to remember where they hid their stash or they wanted to you play video games or just hang out with them or whatever?

No thanks, I'll take the current system over that in a New York second...


@10 sounds like you can't get high, despite going current and taking it, despite supporting the system's seconds, despite all of it you can't convenience your way to a slip-on session with mrs flutters' lashes.


@1 -- Bouncers at the door are not required. When I go to The Joint in the UDist the nice tender checks my ID before and during the sale, without fail. I don't have to pass through a thug feeling like a criminal to get to the merchandise


@12, Don't like it, don't go you asshole.


@13 I won't go, but that doesn't stop me from speaking out about a negative experience like any customer in the history of the Earth


12 State law precludes "minors from frequenting the premises." People under 21 are not allowed to set foot in a cannabis store. Ike's cards people at the door and again at the register.


@15 - Then why do a number of shops card only when the customer reaches the counter, not at the door?


They just aren't following the rules. I think the Liquor Board only gets involved when there is a complaint.