We can print murder but we cant print pizza yet? Fucked up.
We can print murder but we can't print pizza yet? Fucked up. cyano66 / Getty Images

Hands off our ghost guns: That’s what die hard Second Amendment fans will be saying when they hear Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing Trump over the decision to allow plans for 3-D printing guns to be distributed online. Those people don’t even understand 3-D printing, I bet. But they certainly understand their right to bear arms, no matter how tangible those arms are. The plans will be released on August 1st. Critics are worried their availability will allow anyone with a 3-D printer to just print an untraceable gun. What are the pros to 3-D gun printing??

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, isn't going anywhere: She's hired law clerks for at least two more terms on the Supreme Court. She also suggested that her colleague, Justice John Paul Stevens, stayed on until he was 90. Ginsburg says she's got 5 years left on the bench. We need her.

Four men killed by King County police so far this year: The most recent man killed was 18. He died during a conflict with a King County Sheriff’s deputy at Kent Station. The man had allegedly stolen a car and drew an AR-15 rifle when confronted by the deputy.

Employers don’t particularly like getting ghosted: It’s not a good feeling! And it’s a move that’s moved beyond just the relationship realm. People are ghosting new jobs they’ve gotten. I know all of you over 30 are sitting there waiting for me to explain what ghosting is. Who am I to disappoint? It’s basically cowardice. Instead of telling someone “thanks but no thanks” or “I’m not interested” people will simply stop replying. They become unreachable, intangible — a ghost. It usually happens with dating. But, people are getting hired for jobs and simply not showing up to their first days and are not reachable when employers try to contact them. It’s apparently very annoying. I know one guy that does this serially. Should we do a profile on him?

We hot boxed the moon: The real blood moon was a smoke moon. Wildfire smoke died the sun a vivid red last night. There are several fires east of the Cascades, a new fire near Mount Rainier, there are fires in Canada, one in Chelan, and smoke from Siberia is permeating Washington air.

Now the sun is being hot boxed:

Vacant nurses’ dormitory finally put to use: Harborview Hall has been vacant for nearly a decade. Two years ago, the site was chosen as the future site of a homeless shelter. That decision was made a year after Seattle declared a state of emergency for homelessness. Now, as of October, the vacant building will finally be put to use and will open as a homeless shelter. Council members are distressed by how long the process has taken.

Controversy over college credit: High schoolers who worked their asses off in International Baccalaureate programs expect to enter college having satisfied some college credits. Colleges are hesitant to award it — despite a law that says otherwise. Legislators signed a letter saying that IB scores of 4 or higher should garner credit. Colleges are sticking to the 5 or higher standard because they don’t want to award credit to classes that don’t meet their standards. Or, because they don’t want to lose that big chunk of change that introductory courses bring in.

Sad orca updates are still happening: Over the weekend, you forgot about your job and your responsibilities. Did you also forget about the orca whale in Puget Sound who is mourning her dead calf? The calf only lived half an hour. The mother has been carrying its body around for six days now as part of a grieving ritual.

Couple stabbed by houseguest from hell: An elderly Bellevue couple benevolently took in a woman off the streets. They allowed her to stay in their home. She stabbed them multiple times. They’re recovering in the hospital but sustained serious injuries.

Ofo pulls out: Maybe. The Beijing-based bikeshare company accidentally sent premature emails to Seattleites announcing their departure from the city. That’s apparently not a done deal, though and ofo remains cryptic about its future in Seattle. However, Seattle City Council is voting on permanent bikeshare regulations today. Should we take bets on which bikeshare company wins Seattle?

Sacha Baron Cohen made Roy Moore take a pedophile test: In disguise as his character General Erren Morad, Baron Cohen tries a “new technology from Israel” that can detect pedophiles on Moore. Earlier this year, Moore was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. One claimed she was 14 during her encounter with Moore.

A whole North Carolina police force was suspended: The chief and lieutenant of Southport Police Department were arrested. They were allegedly moonlighting as truck drivers while on the clock. The whole force is now on administrative leave. So, is it the Purge now in that North Carolina city?

Death toll rises to 6 in California blaze: As of yesterday, the Carr Fire had burned up 89,000 acres. It has destroyed 500 structures and, as of now, killed 6 people. There are two other fires burning up the golden state currently. A firefighter died yesterday battling the Ferguson Fire which is threatening Yosemite National Park.

LeBron James opened a public school: It’s open today in Akron, Ohio for 240 third and fourth graders. New students will be added each year.

Would you hire Rudy Giuliani as your attorney?

Sure, shut the government down, see what happens: Trump threatened a government shutdown if his border wall didn’t receive funding. That would mean a bruising political fight before the end of the fiscal year in September. It’s not the most tactful move as the November midterm elections loom closer and closer. It would also delay Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. Sure. Shut it down.

The change we need: Google has announced Android phones will stop automatically suggesting “my face” after users type “sit on.”

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A concert with power-chord-shelling classic rock relics ZZ Top, a FIFA scandal gossip sesh with Buzzfeed reporter Ken Bensinger, and Velocity Dance Center's Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation.