I always thought Art Chantry designed the current version of the logo - I'm pretty sure it's included in his monograph, "Some People Can't Surf".


Chantry might think he did it, but Bruce is correct. He was one of the owners, after all.



But Art was their graphic designer at the time...


Sub Pop has a good logo. All music logos have some kind of spirit, which every style of music has. Probably my favorite music logo is the Warp. By the way, I know a tool where anybody can create fine music logotype It's full of fine examples.


Surely we could dig up this 1983 magazine if we really want to do this...


@COMTE Chantry was never a Sub Pop employee.



Perhaps not an "employee" per-se, but he was pretty much their "go-to" designer through much of their early years:


@comte yup, the Times link explains the whole logo creation. Even he credits Dale for actually making the SP logo that we know and love today. One of the few times Chantry doesn't put himself on a pedestal.

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