Portland Food Cart Co-Owner on Leave After Allegations of Racism Lead to Social Media Blowup



Andy Ngo reported that 2 other people had already called 911 in response to Raysor making threats and using racial slurs in the hour leading up to the confrontation with Knox - https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1024664425888796672


"Andy Ngo recently wrote..."

Gee Whiz, what did Alex Jones have to say about it? Did you ask Steve Bannon or Roseanne Barr for a quote?


@2 - Yes. We can see how this article makes you uncomfortable.


Breaking news: media outlet confused over why stories they cover get media attention.


@3, no, the article makes me pleased. It's about a racist getting comeuppance. You're projecting pretty heavily there.

The only thing odd about it is why of all people, Herzog chose to quote a race-baiting Nazi with a grudge against Portland.


How is anyone surprised a placed called Chicken & Guns is run by a racist asshole?


@6: No, that's stereotyping and failing to keep an open mind in a progressive city.


@7 Stereotypes exist because they are sometimes true. Any business that puts some kind of personal fetish that is completely unrelated to the food, like guns, in the name is run by an asshole, and his behavior displays that he's a racist one as well.


Dude who literally voted for Reagan out here telling us good fantasy is reality why am I not surprised?


this is a trip - it literally is getting to the point where a white person can't disagree with a black person, let alone have any ability in an instance to ask them to change their negatively impactful behavior in any way, let alone do any of these things and be at all conservative in any public writing or social media/comments etc. it's almost the best policy these days to avoid all interactions that could lead to any of this because often eventually even with friends and collaborators, disagreements will happen. my eyes couldn't take in every detail of the article but isn't there an argument to be made that raysor was also acting out of line? what part did i miss where the chicken guy said horrible shit? did he and i missed it? or was it like i said above, the pitfall of having any kind of heated encounter with a black person while white? fuck me for not understanding better, but also fuck this world for being like this so often in these weird 2018 ways. fuck it all.


@10: He called the cops on the dude for "loitering."


@8: Is that true of all stereotypes, or only certain ones? Which stereotypes are based on truth, and which are not?

I am very curious as to your opinion on this.


@12 I see where you're going with this. I guess more accurately it might be worded: the BASIS FOR sterotypes exist because they are sometimes true. I do get that particularly nasty stereotypes may not in fact be based on anything that exists in reality. Basically I was just being a glib jerk, which is easy to do behind a pseudo-anonymous internet handle.


My favorite part is how a mob of outraged anonymous people can trash the business online over what at that time was an unsubstantiated allegation on Facebook by an uninvolved second-hand source. To the barricades!!!!


@14: What refreshing bit candid honesty. I myself sometimes have self-revelations as to my own glib jerkiness.


@15 Yeah, that is a worrying trend. Especially since how easily this could snowball into things worse than Pizzagate. That was a near tragedy, and pretty soon we'll see an actual one.


It's 2 bad many of you morons didn't actually wait for the truth to come out. The so called customer was a loud mouth ahole, who had police called on him, because he was acting the fool to other people and made threats. Typical Libtards and not knowing anything about the truth and trying to ruin peoples businesses.



@18 whoa there Jim thanks for for tweeting the same tweet I referenced in the first comment. Can we "not" with the Libtard stuff? Many of us here (who, you know, waited on some evidence and such) are actually liberal and speaking for myself, have family members with severe learning disabilities and don't appreciate the reference. Thanks!


I'm looking forward to the day when 'social media' goes the way of the rotary dial telephone. We don't need it. Lately it seems to keep people from interacting with each other and working out problems in real-time, face to face. Instead, it escalates an argument to the point where there is no chance to back down.


I like that there are idiots on here still asserting the food cart owner is the racist asshole.


one should be able to sue for damages from the libel of those that quickly cosigned on sosh mead using their own real names onto trying to ruin the chicken dudes business. (chicken and guns is still a dumb sounding name to me) - I am tired of the dox brigade going for full ruination with hours of any allegation. it's fucking unfair, and it's scary to anyone with heterodoxical ideas. i know i sound like a douche using sosh mead and heterodoxical... just playing with words, folks. isn't all this shit fucking bizarre? mob mentality is scary even if it comes from the lineage of civil rights, save the whales and workers rights.