Lets see the report, Matt.
Let's see the report, Matt. Rep. Matt Manweller's Desperate Plea Video

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Friday the Kittitas Democrats called on Rep. Matt Manweller to release a recent report conducted by attorney Trish Murphy. The 91-page report apparently details sexual harassment allegations lodged against the representative and professor. Manweller teaches at Central Washington University (though he's been on paid leave for 8 months while the investigation into his conduct continues) and he represents the 13th Legislative District in the House, both of which lie in Kittitas County.

In a press release, after mentioning the fact that Manweller has already been "investigated and reprimanded" for "issues maintaining boundaries with students," Kittitas County Democratic Party chair Steve Verhey says that "as part of the university’s due process, the latest report was shared with Manweller." Verhey notes, however, that Manweller has not released what he's seen of the report.

Manweller's failure to release the report hasn't stopped him from desperately trying to confuse his constituents and the public in general about what's inside that report, though.

As I mentioned yesterday, Rep. Matt Manweller released a video Wednesday seeking to discredit the investigation. His defense, which he presents largely without evidence, raises a number of questions he (or at least the communications director of the House Republican caucus) won't answer. Manweller also ran to local conservative outlets, who were quick to mock a report they haven't seen.

“Matt Manweller is taking advantage of CWU’s due process in an attempt to control the narrative,” says Verhey in the press release. "We know from experience that he’s a master of spin. If he is going to use the report publicly before CWU is finished with their investigation, he needs to release the report publicly so we can make up our own minds.”

Meanwhile, despite CWU's ongoing investigation, Republicans in the legislature have elected Manweller to serve as the vice-chair of the Select Committee on Pension Policy, according to the Columbia Basin Herald.