California Is On Fire—Again, Still—But Who's To Blame?



It could be bunnies


Trump is Gaslighting the entire state of California. Now Liberals and the press get to waste time explaining why environmental laws DON'T exacerbate wildfires.


Why is it always the gays with the religious nut jobs? I'd like a little credit for bringing down gods wrath for my lust and gluttony please.


"Who to believe?" provided: "Orange Idiot", "Religious Idiot", and, "Scientists"? Well, at least, in our post-Palin anti-intellectualism we have managed to leave the "idiot" off the lattermost, ("Who says we're 'post-Palin'?" ...good point, we're not) -sigh-



Or maybe midgets.


I blame elitist liberal millennial gay atheist minorities.


Were one to believe wholly-Corps-owned mass media,
one might think there was NO problem --
it's just "weather" and Ma Nature's gonna do
what she does.

The Kochs, Exxon, etc etc will have us believe
thru heavily-funded massive anti-reality campaigns
that NOTHING can, or even should be done.
Till it's (if it ain't already) too. fucking. late.

Enjoy the Koch's Smoke.
You've earned it, America.


It's DEFINITELY you poofters. Nods seriously That's why Brighton is such a joyless hellhole and is constantly on fire.


@3: Californians are smart and experienced enough that they don't need such explanations.

However, considering how libs love such condescending expenditures, I'm sure they'll be getting it preached to them anyway.


It's not all LGBTQ+s, only those of us who are flaming :)


@12: uh-huh.

Californians put Devin Nunes in office, repeatedly.


probably in the minority on this one but i’m flattered that people think queers have the power to destroy the planet


Presenting the informed position of climate scientists talking about their field of expertise side-by-side with those other tweets does a disservice to the idea of rational discourse.

It's particularly telling that the one quote that isn't stupid gets pushed below the fold.


@4- lust and gluttony are a little too close to home for the Trumpists to be finding fault with.


In case you haven’t noticed, your entire country is on fire


Global warming is making wildfires easier to start and harder to put out, but I blame arsonists. Angry people are deliberately starting these fires.


Blame smokers. Both conservative and liberal.


I thought "forest (mis)management and exurban sprawl" might be on the menu, but no.

Oh well, I'll just have the global warming again, then. And go ahead and overcook it, it won't make much difference.

At least there's only one environmental problem nowadays. It was a lot harder to keep up with it all back when there were dozens of them.


When the giant asteroid whacks us, it will be all Kevin Swanson's fault...