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A spokesperson for Washington's Secretary of State says the office is "still investigating the cause" of an error on the state's MyVote website. The error occurred when some voters tried to update their personal information.

Submissions from fewer than 140 voters trying to update their information via MyVote may have "timed out" during the process, according to the spokesman. The website showed an error message informing voters of their failed submission at the bottom of the page, so the secretary of state office fears voters with certain kinds of screens may not have seen it.

"The system didn’t create a 'packet' for them. 'No packet' triggers a manual follow up, which is how we found the issue. Counties were notified with enough time for voters to correct if any errors exist," the spokesperson explained.

Kendall Hodson of King County Elections confirms the Secretary of State's office contacted the county last week to inform them that 48 King County voters may not have had their information updated after making changes through MyVote.

The software may not have updated changes to voter addresses, phone numbers, or names, which could have caused those changes not to be reflected on the ballots.

Hodson says the people involved were "already active registered voters, so they did receive ballots." Those ballots just may have been for their previous precinct if an address update didn't go through. She also says the county "reached out to those we had contact information for and over half did have their information correctly updated."

The spokesperson for the secretary of state says the office is working to move the error message from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen to alert voters of any technical difficulties earlier in the process.