Primary Election Night 2018! We're Partying With Congressional Candidates and State Legislators

Cocaine! Dabbing! Republicans Kick Us Out!



I voted.


what's the best way to tweet @ SECB


@2 Just tweet @TheStranger or comment on our thread, baby


It's so awesome how the Republicans clumsily excluded Rich Smith from the Bellevue Rossi party (they outed you from your secb nom de guerre). Could it have been the shorts? Crosscut said it could have been the story of the night. I live in Bellevue and I'm old, would these guys with pocket squares have excluded me? Please keep being honest (and mean).


Don't want cops using facial recognition technology? Support the ACLU.


@5 but more people want it, and hence they want a tax to pay for it. Stupid in the extreme, but hey, that's Democracy in action.


Hmm... looking like the 3rd and the 8th might flip from (R) to (D) in November. The 3rd used to be reliably (D); Jolene Unsoeld represented it for many years. The 5th, not so likely.


@7: The 5th is basically a tie. Primaries trend conservative. McMorris Rodgers is shitting her MAGA drawers right now.


Maria “No Single Payer” Cantwell sails through the primary. A new tax for Facial Recognition software because King County can’t say no to new taxes. Frank Fucking Chopp not having competition this year.

At least I’ll get to vote for Pramila Jayapal in November. Neither Chopp nor Cantwell deserve my vote.


I wouldn't vote for a R to save my life but I agree with Heimlich about this paper 100%.


@9 agree that some other competent Democrat had run against our too-moderate Dem from was. We need a liberal firebrand in there. Stuck with her for 6 more years.


"This is how long the coat hanger should be."


Across the board Republicans are trailing - even places like suburban Spokane (the 6th LD currently sends three Republicans to Olympia; last night, Dems pulled more votes than Rs in each of those races), Whidbey Island (both House R incumbents are trailing D challengers), and the far north (in LD 42, anti-environment incumbent Sen. Doug Ericksen barely broke 45% against two D challengers), and in Pyuallup two seats being vacated by Rs (who probably saw the writing on the wall and didn't want to be humiliated...) are leaning towards the D candidates. Even starchy anti-tax, gated communities like Gig Harbor are leaning D (all three legislative seats there are currently held by Rs; in two, the D candidates broke 50 percent, and in the third the D came in first with over 40 percent in a four-way race)

Meanwhile, there isn't a single seat in the Legislature held by a Democrat that is in serious danger of being flipped.

It's not a lock; it's not a done-deal - but the pendulum does appear to be swinging back.


Wow, Stranger, your reporters really suck. Didn't even try to get anyone's name correct or quote them in any true fashion. I guess that's because we're over 50 and we aren't relevant.