What You Need to Know About Last Night's Primary Election Results in Washington State



"But Washington GOP Chair Caleb Heimlich sees the race [CD 3] differently. “If you go back to the 2016 primaries she [Herrera Beutler] added 6 points to her total from her August total to her November total. So I think we’re going to be in good shape,” he said.

Let's see if Caleb uses that same rhetorical Heimlich Maneuver to support Sen. Mark Miloscia in LD-30, who dropped several points between the 2014 Primary and General elections. If that trend holds, it's yet another seat the Republicans will lose in Olympia.


Flawed analysis on the 8th.

There was a lot of interest by democrats in the 8th, because there were a bunch of decent candidates running. The result: higher turnout by democrats. Rossi was the only viable republican running in the district. It was already a forgone conclusion that he would win the republican side. The result: lower turnout by republicans; they could safely sit out the primary without consequence, or even fuck with the democrats if they wanted to. Rossi had to spend almost no effort and no cash to win the primary. He could save it all for the November runoff.

Come November, the republicans might manage to pull a higher turnout. And just because the democrats collectively won more than 50% of the vote in the primary doesn't mean they will all blindly line up behind the eventual winner.

I think the democrats are in a good position, and they could win the 8th. But it is definitely not in the bag yet, and republicans will throw a boatload of cash at Rossi's race.


@2 - I agree with you on CD 08 - Rossi could afford to 'soft pedal' through the Primary, especially since he didn't even know who he was running against.

But the Republican's will be challenged to find a boatload of cash to back him in November, especially given that they're already falling behind Ds on fundraising and will very likey feel compelled to prioritize CMRs race.


Bad choice, 8th Dems. Schreier may be the better person, but Rittereiser is the better candidate for a district with Chelan, Wenatchee, and Ellensburg in it. He would have won votes east of the Cascade Curtain.

Fucking Rossi. Does he even live in the 8th?


"He [hard-right Rossi] quoted a Stranger article even after his party tried to refuse The Stranger entry to their election night event."

Surprised? Don't be. They love to quote / fess their undying love and fealty for the Holy Bible while totally ignoring the (Liberal!) Jesus part of it. It's an Act. Optics, they call it.

Wall Street Profiteering? Hey, okay! FORTY Million without decent Healthcare? Sure -- let 'em Die! Homelessness rampant? So, what?!

But -- Abortion!


Max @4 - Most the voters in the 8th CD --about 78%-- live on the west side of the mountains, not in Chelan, Wenatchee, and Ellensburg. What advantage would Rittereiser have even if did win all the votes in Kittitas, Chelan, and Douglas counties?



@4: back when I used to live in Issaquah, I think Rossi lived in Sammamish, so yeah, he infests the 8th. But he may have moved since then, it's been four years.


@2: for every lazyass Republican who didn't vote because "my guy is going to win the primary anyway", there is a lazyass Dem who said, "Meh, I can't tell 'em apart, the rest of you can pick one for me and I'll vote for them in November". Never underestimate the laziness of both sides.


Everyone runs
Everyone votes


I can't wait for the Hutchison Cantwell debates.


Those students will not be voting in the fall. During this primary, many people who moved recently and updated their registration did not receive ballots. That means Kim Wyman did not update the voter rolls. This is the same tactic Sam Reed used. She knows it works, and there is nothing Dems can do about it. Podlodowski is wrong to put her faith in student voters; that is the same strategy Gregoire used in her first campaign. Students, young people, new voters will not reeived ballots in the fall, Some may be diligent enough to try and vote regardless, but their votes will be provisional and not counted. Here we go again.


Primaries lean conservative. Can't wait for Washington's Congressional delegation to be 9 Democrats and Don Newhouse. A New House, indeed.


Sarah Smith: “I meant to do that”.


@13 -- Cocky, she is.
I Like that.


Nguyen says “fucking” — he definitely has the SECB figured out.


I’m not even sure there will be a Cantwell-Hutchison debate. Hutchison got trounced- what’s there to benefit from Maria debating her?


Let the BLUE WAVE wash clean. Fucking FINALLY.


My takeaway from all of the post-game pontificating?

Rossi will take over Reichert's seat.


@18: in a normal year, yeah. But this is a Blue Wave year, baby.


Hopefully some of these Democrats will clean up their act on health care and get unequivocally behind single payer Medicare For ALL at both the national and state levels; in other words, just cover everyone, especially at the state level in a place like Washington State - where they certainly can if the Democrats have that much control and Jay Inslee knows very well the difference between talk and walk. The days of governors not supporting it and pushing it through at the state level are over. Some of us are NOT sleeping well, Jay Inslee. Further hope they're not taking monies from insurance and pharma.