Why the Concept of God Might Be a Useful Error



Interesting. Kind of like how some planets are only discovered because other already-discovered planets near to them are affected by their gravity and move oddly. The new planet is discovered because the other planet is making an astronomic "mistake" in its movements.

Unfortunately there's a lot of people determined to keep the error of god firmly in place.


Gods makes sense sociologically and psychologically. A universe of random events is pretty scary. In fact I propose society will inevitably invent gods in one form or another. Sports hero’s. Celebrities. Movie stars. We can’t help it.


Well, if a Prime Mover, God, whatever, actually does exist, it's a pretty sure bet that any being capable of creating an entire universe (currently some 13.7 billion years old) out of nothing but thought and will ISN'T going to look like a geriatric Howard Hughes wearing a monogrammed bathrobe.


It's possible that a "feeling, as a concept, might be useful or even reveal the correct picture of things." I have a friend who had a very strong feeling, as a concept, that Scarlett Johansson was secretly, deeply in love with him. After his eventual arrest on stalking charges, he got the psychological help he needed.

I will stick with the scientific approach myself. That's the way of understanding that got us to where we can now listen to the red-shifted electromagnetic blast of a distant constellation that's borning in a corner of the sky. Which feels, as a concept, pretty cool.


The current estimate for the age of the universe is 13.8 billion years, not 13.5.
The classical conception of the universe absolutely did have wandering stars in it. To think otherwise, you would need to be unaware of the rest of the Aristotelian model -- the wandering stars are attached to spheres within the one the rest of the stars are fixed to. Most American middle-school children can readily explain this to you.
I have to say, Charlie, that it's tremendously entertaining to watch a man put on airs about Classical Education while demonstrating utter ignorance of the ancient Greek origin of a common English word.


That is fucking incredible.

But yes, religion sprung up organically in societies across the globe, well before the white devil god with fire in his hand figured out how to float across the oceans.

I personally am all for scaring the shit out of bad cave monkeys with fire.

That or killing nihilists, which is entirely sound.

I’m glad you haven’t died of dysentery.


@5 beat me to it!


As far as god goes, it all works just as well without one.


Your concept of God is too shallow. You must have read all scientific books and researches but I doubt if you spent significant time reading and researching the bible. The bible has undeniable facts, very scientific and accurate. I know a man who can shed light to any biblical/spiritual question, Bro Eli Soriano :)


"The real proof of God's omnipotence is that he doesn't even have to exist to save us."


I don’t think some things can be explained. Like our spirits for one and where we go after death. This society doesn’t like to talk about death but its part of life and its important to talk about it.

We’re not in charge of the universe and its completely out of our control. Let go. We are completely insignificant in even our own galaxy. We don’t know where it comes from. Maybe we can do the best we can and try to do the right thing while we can because it could be good for our souls and for others. Humans are social animals. There is spirituality but it may have nothing to do with religion. If we live in an emptiness of materialism and loneliness we could change it by reaching out to our fellow human beings. It takes courage.


@5: you may be correct, but why do you have to be so snotty about it?


@5: You may be correct, but do you have to be so snotty about it?


@5, you think most American middle-school students can readily explain Aristotle's cosmological model? You're going to be SO disappointed if you ever come here.


If an omnipotent, omniscient being did exist, why exactly would it have a gender?



I always try to maintain the tone of a Charles Mudede article when commenting upon it.


Maybe I'm just better at listening to kids than you are. They're quite bright you know, and the Copernican revolution is very basic material covered quite early in both History and Science courses in the US.


Nah. You maintain the tone of an obnoxious pretentious poseur cunt.



What do you mean by "spirit"? If you mean "consciousness", well, there are theories: "integrated information" and "global workspace" being the two currently being most vigorously explored, but certainly it's a tough nut to crack. Doesn't mean we won't, and it definitely doesn't mean "spirit", "soul", "consciousness" or whatever else you may want to call it, is perpetual and exists once our physical bodies cease to function. If that were so, one would think, out of the tens of billions of human beings that have walked the earth since we evolved into conscious beings, at least one of us would have come back to tell the tale - and I personally think it's rather "convenient" that the one person purported to have done exactly that did so at a time and place where it was impossible to provide first-hand, irrefutable documentation of the event.

As to the question of "where we go after death", well, most of us go in the ground, some of us are burnt to ash, but ultimately all of us decompose and our components are eventually reduced back to the same base atoms from which they were originally assembled.



Possibly, but at least I don't spend my days furiously nursing internet grudges, you know?