It's Still Damn Close in the 8th Congressional District! Plus Sarah Smith Is Back in This Thing, Baby!



Total landslide for a the dems.



See you in November." --Sarah Smith

ConfuckingGRADULATIONS, Girl!!!
(expect multiple recounts of recounts --
this one's for Keeps)

But we better see you lots sooner than November...

Bring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Washington State, early, and often. Worst case, we push Adam Smith Progressively -- perhaps there's enough Momentum for Medicare for ALL....

You GO, Girl!
Change the Tide.


Surf that Blue Wave


"These fucks are going to scan our faces."

Remember 'privacy'?

That ship's sailed.


The Blue Wave sweeps clean.
@2, @3, & @4: YESSSSSSSSSS!


Schrier is running ads with airtight persuasion techniques to build her brand and name recognition, plus she knows to couple Dino's face with Trump and she knows how to play against the one identity everyone hates, politicians. My guess, she'll clean house.


@4 FTW!


I'll bet Sawyer makes up that 77 vote gap behind the Republican, just going on the general tendency for later drops to tend left. Though maybe sexual harasser Democrats are an exception? We'll see about that. He's meat in the general anyway.

Holy shit Lisa Brown. Kick some McMorris Rodgers butt over there!


"Don't be naive, privacy is dead" is the new "don't be naive, your vote doesn't matter anyway." You want to see dead, look at China's social score system. Then look back at Germany. Take your pick and get off your ass.


McMorris Rodgers needs to go down in the general election. I want all those teabagger conservative people who enable the president to lose big. Our country needs more than one political party to run things, needs more than one non-insane party. The republicans who buy into Trump and his agenda have lost their legitimacy as an honest opposition party to the dems.



Ocasio-Cortez most definitely will be campaigning for Sarah Smith this Fall.


What I find frustrating about this report is at least an hour before this post was published, Pierce County released a new batch of numbers in the House race in the 29th, which put Sawyer down 330 votes for 2nd place. The 77 vote number was from Wednesday night's count. It's gotten worse, the data was out there before this was posted, and yet this was posted with 24-hour old numbers with no update.