For the Third Summer in Four Years, It’s Hot As Fuck!



Which is why it's pointless to do anything about it. There isn't a damn thing we can do about the coming disaster so just sit back and party like it's the end of the world. Because it is!!!


However we haven't had really long heat waves as in the past. Like the summer about a decade ago where it got to 113 and upper 90s for weeks! More recent heat waves are quickly dissipated by low pressure moving in - it's a good sign!


Denial is one of the things American Conservatives do best. And if they can't deny, they obfuscate. And if they can't to THAT, they just flat-out lie.


@3: or they throw up their hands and say "oh well, too late now". see @1.

the denialists and the corporations that funded them won - they delayed action until it was too late - simply to protect their share values. the rubes that swallowed the poison will continue to breed.


@4, that's true Seattle banned plastic straws! Victory is now just days away!!!


For someone who claims to be happy to have left Seattle, you sure stick your stupid face around here a lot.

Tl;dr: stfu, and gtfo


@6 ah yes...the left wing toleration you regressives go on and on about. And I'm just in Bellevue but maybe moving back! Goodie for YOU!!


@7 Who are you kidding? You can't afford it.


The GOPKKK’s anti-science, anti-sanity, anti-solutions to real problems would be comical if the results of their stupidity and incompetence weren’t so destructive.

Deflector shields activated—fire the moron torpedoes!


If you're going to feature a picture of a shirtless guy, the least you can do is let us see if his chest is hairy.

And how exactly did he sunburn his face and his back? When he sunburned one side of his body, he didn't think to protect the other side?


It's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
Ok it's true but now it's too late to do anything.


Climate change is bad, humans are causing it. The science is irrefutable.

But personally, I'm happy for longer bouts of sunny warm weather here in Seattle and that makes me feel a little guilty.


I love the warm weather!
I dream of a subtropical Seattle...


Maybe I have a bad read on my fellow conservatives but I don't hear many people denying the climate is changing. We just don't necessarily believe it is caused by humans or that it is reversible based on a reduction in fossil fuel use.


@5: did someone claim that plastic straw bans had anything to do with ACC?

it has to do with saving marine life. go watch that turtle video where he gets one pulled out of his nose. if you have any compassion left in your conservative reptile brain, you'll feel it.


@13: FFS, what will it take for you to admit it is anthropogenic? the charts of atmospheric CO2 buildup over time couldn't be more obvious.

no one is saying we can "reverse" it. we need to limit it. you'd think the anti-immigration racists in the GOP would be on board, if only to stop the wave of climate refugees that will come.

but they've got their heads in the sand because Exxon's share price is more important.


Look on the bright side. At least the Arabian peninsula will be uninhabitable and Canada can laugh in those fuckers' faces.



Maybe when his house burns to the ground from the soon-to-be-perpetual wildfires that will ravage the Western States?


Rich white people, despicable as they may be, don't really cause a large percentage of global warming. A few certainly profit from it, but Exxon and General Motors don't force me to buy a Chevy Subdivision to drive to work each morning. That's my decision. I can make a different decision. The occasional rich guy with a plane and a yacht is statistically insignificant.

In recent years, America - and Caucasians generally - have done a pretty good job of reducing their CO2 emissions. Let's give fracking a round of applause. Also Caucasians have stopped breeding like rabbits. Well done.

It's a bit weird thinking of this from a racial perspective, but what the Asians do is more important than what the Caucasians do. We all have our part to play but over 60% of the world is Asian. And their per capita carbon footprint is increasing dramatically. India, China, Indonesia - places like that will decide.


It is hot and it sucks. However, you may want to read this article to learn that the recorded temps at the airport aren’t accurate:


@15 Max Solomon & @17 COMTE: I nominate both of you as tied for the win. Thank you and bless you. 'Nuff said.


"Rich white people, despicable as they may be, don't really cause a large percentage of global warming. A few certainly profit from it, but Exxon and General Motors don't force me to buy a Chevy Subdivision... "

Bull shit. EXXON's climate scientists discovered what the fuck, denied it and pushed big fucking OIL like never before -- like there's no fucking Tomorrows, one might say.* And now, thanks to them (not solely, duh), our Progeny may not have a decent shot at a decent tomorrow -- not when they're gonna hafta share it with half a billion more souls fleeing Planetary Disaster.

Thanks, Republicans

*I presume EXXON's Shareholders'd have it no other way?


Oh, and you can deny till the cows come home, but this Planet is becoming highly fucking flammable. And deserts are gonna be YUGE (ever tried to grow shit in a desert?) and massive flooding is also most likely headed your way. Too. Buckle up, Comrades.

(Too bad we couldn't store all that extra water to put our fires out ... dang)



I know man it has all been going straight to hell ever since the end of the Archaen Eon hasn't it. Damn those cyanobacteria ruining it all for anyone who feels even a little bit oxydizable absent a catalyst.


@21 & @22 kristofarian: I absolutely love you. Your new avatar tells it like it is and fucking rocks.


Climate change is good, and necessary. It will have many benefits.
Climate change is bad and unprecedented. It will kill everybody.


Hot weather is the worst. Thank God for air conditioning.


“That we will have wetter winters and dryer, warm summer which is exactly what we’re seeing."

'Warm'? I've been here for ... too many decades, and this is not 'warm.' This is hot. Sustained fucking hot, hot for the Pacific NW.* What're we gonna do when this wet / toasty new climate is going on for five, ten years -- perhaps even accelerating / snowballing: two or three, 'thousand-year floods,' every year, major blasters, taking out everything in their path and perhaps a few 'ten-thousand-year' floods tossed in, just to amuse Mother Nature™; fires, which Refuse to be put out (in spite of Trumpfytweets -- SAD), and a smoky atmosphere that'll remind you (if you're Lucky) of when smoking those stinky ciggy-butts -- INDOORS - WITH THE FUCKING WINDOWS CLOSED -- was the thing to do (Hell, back in the day, four-outta-five Doctors recommended Lucky Strikes. I think ... or maybe it was Camels), smoky outside, perhaps for months on end, from fires burning far away, driving us indoors (air-purifiers!).

Cali's crispifying. Then it's gonna be Oregon's turn.
And right on up the Coast...

Is that when we're gonna "do something"?
Help me out here, "Conservatives."

What is it, exactly, you wanna 'Conserve'?**

Maybe the skeptics're correct -- is it already be too late?
THNX, Kochs,LLC.

*help me out here, Cliff Mass?

**save, for posterity, e.g.
or, Life itself


@24 -- Danke!


@27 kristofarian and everybody: What we, The People CAN do in addition to protesting and holding up the resistance, is VOTE while we still can, and conserve energy (I don't drive my beloved VW every day. Anyway, I-5's a mess).


@28 kristofarian: Danke right back atcha! Keep it up.

Holy fuck, folks---you KNOW the global warming and regional climate change situation is epidemically worsening when the flesh color of a Caucasian beachgoer matches that of my car!


@9 Original Andrew: Ya got that right. Too bad Scotty, Mark Hamill, or Harrison Ford can't zap the Trumpists with an intelligence ray.


I like the Idea of an Intelligence Ray, Auntie Gee!
But, failing that, it's too bad we couldn't drop a big ol' Empathy Bomb on 'em,

(Or encourage them to try Hallucinogenics)
[ -- which would be WRONG!* Obviously.]

*[ Far too Dangerous! ]
(it could collapse an entire Ideology)


At long LAST, @23 robotsslave -- SUCCINCT, SPOT-ON COHERENCY!
I can only Thank you.