Apparently a Horizen Air mechanic stole an Alaska Airlines Q400 prop jet or something with no passengers aboard and just started flying it around the airport and Mt. Rainier. The airport closed down and fighter jets scrambled up from Portland and the runaway pilot was intercepted but not until after doing a barrel roll that he wasn't sure he could do and he's been talking to the tower the whole time and people could hear him and he called himself Jack and he didn't know how to land the plane... and... um... the airport was closed and people were trapped on planes and freaking out and I'm actually kinda high right now and following it on Twitter and it looks like it's over now and #SeaTac is trending on Twitter and maybe the guy crashed. Back to you, Wolf.

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UPDATE: He did crash.

UPDATE 2: Jimmy Thomson of The Narwhal is posting clips from the hijacker's convo with the tower...