Schrier Will Face Rossi in the 8th, Smith Will Face Smith in the 9th



This won't be a fight, it'll be a massacre. Schrier has Dino's number. He can keep losing quite safely.


"Smith supported Hillary Clinton as a superdelegate despite Washington’s support of Bernie Sanders." That's an understatement. Adam Smith is on video telling Bernie supporters—who won 3/4 of the state delegates—that he wouldn't vote for Clinton. Adam Smith is a liar.

He doesn't live where the majority of people in the district live—he lives in a mansion down the street from Bill Gates. And he works in DC (when he even shows up).

Adam Smith gets the majority of his money from weapons manufacturers and has voted for endless war. He even tried to excuse his vote to sell cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. He told me he's only for "smart" cluster bombs which "only explode if they hit their target." When I asked him what they do when Saudi Arabia targets civilians in Yemen, he walked away.

Vote for Sarah Smith. Washington's 9th deserves better than a lying millionaire war monger.


@1 Lionface: Let's certainly hope so! The sooner the RepubliKKKan party finally becomes extinct, the better off we'll all be.


Washington, please don't elect Dino Rossi. He's scary awful. If you're not familiar with him, research him.