Conspiracy Theorists Accuse Portland Institutions of Child Sex Trafficking and Ritual Satanic Abuse



This is just going to occur with increasing frequency, as formerly isolated nut cases now have the ability to spew their craziness to other like-minded nut cases on a global scale. Conspiracies building on other conspiracies building on still older conspiracies until we reach some epic nadir where EVERY SINGLE THING is part of some all-encompassing Grand Conspiracy Theory, which only those with "special insight" (read: nut cases) have the wherewithal to see.

In short, if you're not digging deeeeeep into the dark recesses of the hidden history of the world, the one THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW, then it can only mean you're in on it too, and therefore part of the conspiracy to hide all the conspiracies from those who have dared to look behind the veil.


Just once I wish conspiracy theorists would unravel an ACTUAL conspiracy.


Oh man, this is so early-80s.

What @1 said, social media giving voice to fringe loonies only helps this disease spread more quickly.


Vegans are never wrong. No one should doubt a vegan.


standard "guy guy," "smart guy" position is every issue raised by a "conspiracy theorist" is mentally ill mumbling, never mind, JFK, MLK - both admitted conspiracies to some degree in later inquests, and 9/11 and tonkin, questionable events that led to horrible drawn out, and cynically profitable blood baths. too bad more people aren't curious, and too bad people aren't aware of the sociological reasons non-conventional counter narratives get astruturfed into canards. FIA


Wrong again, Katie! Today's moral panics have NO RELATION to the ~4,000 year historical record of moral panics. This time, the panics are legitimate and correct and only Nazi's would potentially doubt them.

You're not a nazi, are you Katie?


I prefer my satanic sexual abuse more free-form than ritualistic...


@5: "and too bad people aren't aware of the sociological reasons non-conventional counter narratives get astruturfed into canards."

If enough people start to believe a "counter narrative", it becomes a mainstream narrative and then conspiracy theorists won't believe it anymore.


just 2 days ago I read the following gentrification conspiracy theory on FB:

tobacco companies got black people addicted to cigarettes years ago so that housing authorities could change their buildings to non-smoking now, so that they could evict black residents that couldn't refrain from breaking their leases, so that the properties could be emptied and sold to market-rate developers.

this is just as plausible.


@9 that's not a conspiracy theory, that's a shibboleth.


Was he caught fingering some foie gras?


@1 "formerly isolated nut cases now have the ability to spew their craziness to other like-minded nut cases on a global scale"

Wait--are you referring to the SLOG comment section?


Meanwhile, actually child sex trafficking and ritual [satanic] abuse continue unabated by the Catholic Church. People in this country are DUMB FUCKS WHO ARE TOO STUPID TO LIVE.


wasn't this sort of accusation a thing in the mid 80's?


To me, it just feels like a bunch of Nazis sitting around saying, "What's worse than a Nazi? A PEDOPHILE! That's how we'll distract them." In other words, #whataboutism writ large.


Hey Katie Herzog, remember Bill Cosby and how nobody believed the victims?! What happened to the MeToo movement? Why is it that when then rape victims are children we suddenly revert back to the dark ages and no one believes them?!! WHY?! Does you "journalistic" employment depend upon ridiculing people who believe these victims into silence? Really? And you think we're all too stupid to see right through you?

And no, "pizzagate" was NOT thoroughly debunked, it was covered up just Cosby and Weinstein were covered-up by the media for decades, and just like the Franklin Scandal was covered up, and the McMartin Preschool victims who were slandered by the False Memory Syndrome -which, by the way, was founded by pedophiles!! And let's not forget that it took social media, the public, or the "Nazi-mob" as you James-Gunn-loving-pedophilia-apologists like to call it, to force the media to finally expose Cosby for who he really is. And obviously its going to take the same public, yet again, to expose this ingoing world-wide child-trafficking holocaust that is going on right now in our local CPS and "justice system," which as anyone who has been through the system knows full well... the pedophiles run the whole show.

By the way, for any readers of this latest Herzog b-s, approved of by the editors of the Stranger, who want to hear form Michael Whalen himself, here's the link to the video which SRA (satanic ritual abuse) survivor Fiona Barnett saved-


@16, please provide support for your statements. Any of them. Pick one and go from there.


At this point, it's just a meme. Turn it into an acronym. CSARSA. There you go, now you're getting somewhere. Stick a hashtag in front of it and watch it become "a thing!"


People constructing elaborate batshit insane conspiracy theories is the result of an anti-intellectual culture that leaves large sections of the population unable to accurately evaluate the veracity of information.

They intuit that American society is coming off the rails but they are trapped in an Alex Jones headspace and are incapable of making a rational and reasonable judgment as to what the problems plaguing America might be. So they reach for a supersize helping of crazy while YouTube and Jones provide endless fodder for their paranoia.


The complete absence of corroborating evidence only proves how deep the cover-up goes!

-- Paranoiac Mantra



Well, we do have our fair share of conspiracy-theory nut cases here - @14 being just the latest prime example - although, I'm not sure their reach, at least so far as their SLOG comments are concerned, is exactly "global" in scale; however, I grant, it's technically feasible. But, that might be giving our resident loonies a bit too much credit.


20 - defenders of conventional wisdom and the status quo never seemed to be bothered or cant bring themselves to ever look at the evidence, unless its a strawman "debunking" that confirms their beliefs. you ever looked through the mountain of anomalies about JFK or 9/11, or did you just take penn and tellers word that believers in such tinfoilery were idiots?