After Legalization, Californians Are Still Buying Black-Market Weed



What? It sounds like under 20% of the buyers stuck with their supplier after less than a year of legal weed being on the market. Sounds like pretty good progress to me.


@1 Totally agree. I would hypothesis that four years after full legalization the percent of black market weed being sold in Washington state is in the mid single digits. California will get there too.


Agree with @1 and @2, this isn't such a damning report. LA has a big bootleg weed shop problem they're dealing with, but they'll sort it out. There's always be a few holdouts that just want to play NBA2K at their dealers' house.

Glad an official study pointed out what everyone knew—you need to get the price of weed at or under what it was before legalization. Bring taxes down 5%, they'll still be enough windfall to properly manage the industry and fill state coffers.


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