Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, Has Died; Her Songs Never Will



So sad. Chuck Berry last year, Aretha Franklin this year. Bound to happen of course, but still very sad.


Absolutely astonishing, truly staggering set of pipes. Incalculable loss. #RIP


There's nothing like a life well-lived, and that was Aretha Franklin. She rose above it all.

My favorite Aretha Franklin moment was probably twenty-five years ago. I found myself in the Baltic Room (or whatever it was called in those days) on a cold rainy Sunday for a meeting with the owner. I was mildly hungover, feeling generally angsty (yes I, Catalina, was young once), and it was just the bartender and I in the place. He put on Aretha's version of "I Say A Little Prayer", which for some reason I had never heard before, and it was like a nice warm hug, followed by a warm blanket. That, and "Untill You Come Back To Me" will always be my favorite songs of hers.

RIP Aretha.


beautiful picture, well chosen and well worded. good stuff