Once beloved celebrity JVN
Once beloved celebrity JVN Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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Celebrity homosexual and Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness was convicted of treason this week after he had the gall to allege that not all Republicans are racist.

It started, as so many dumpster fires do, with a tweet about politics. After Tuesday's primaries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, and Connecticut—in which Republican candidates who supported Trump largely bested those who did not—Van Ness wrote:

For the record, I disagree that milquetoast moderates are better positioned, across the board, to beat extremists than real progressives (#BernieWouldHaveWon), but dude is entitled to his opinion. Or at least, he was, until he tweeted this followup:

This—surprise!—did not go over well, at least among liberals. (Conservatives seem to have fewers problems with it, aside from the whole "Trump is racist" thing.) Then, after the blowback began, JVN reaffirmed his statements in a video.

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"Republicans think that Democrats are all the devil and Democrats think Republicans are all racist nightmares," he said. "And while there are definitely concerns that are valid on both sides, left people are not necessarily inherently evil and right people are not necessarily inherently evil and our ability to notice gray area and to notice what compromise means and how much compromise has led us to where we are is important.”


It seems the anti-JVN crowd failed to pick up on the message of Queer Eye, which was that if people can actually get to know each other—to be open to the possibility that those who aren't like you are actually not monsters—the world will be a kinder, better, more tolerant place. My vote: The world could use a little more Queer Eye and whole lot less Twitter.

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