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We were right about that secret head tax meeting: Looks like the public was right to call the mayor and Seattle City Council out after the incredibly swift head tax repeal. The two groups had communicated under the radar. There was no huge underground meeting or anything. Each of at least seven council member spoke one-on-one to the mayor’s office in an unofficial capacity during the week preceding the head tax repeal vote. This violates the state’s Open Public Meetings Act. Kshama Sawant is the only council member not named as having participated in these discussions.

Pledge your vote for Tammy Morales for D2 for a Green New Deal for Seattle. Vote by Aug 6.

Sound Transit CEO is kind of an asshole: Peter Rogoff is good at his job but he’s a dick to his employees. He was under investigation recently for his alleged profanity, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment toward his staff. He failed to receive a performance bonus because of how much of a dick he is. He has a “leadership mentor” who charges $550 an hour to help him get along with his employees. He meets with her weekly.

Cat serial killer strikes again: An eighth cat was found mutilated. A kitten in Lacey, WA was found beheaded in the same spot three other cats were found in February. The killer is still on the loose so keep your cats indoors. The reward for information that leads to an arrest is now $21,000.

Teen may face charges for pushing her friend off a bridge: It’s that old saying, right? If your friends all jump off a cliff, would you? Taylor Smith, 18, made that decision for her friend Jordan Holgerson, 16, when she pushed her off a bridge near Moulton Falls. The bridge is over 50 feet tall. Holgerson broke five ribs, punctured both lungs, and has bruises that cover her body. The whole thing was caught on video. Smith says she’s sorry but whether she’ll face charges will be determined today.

DUI suspect made a break for it… off SR 520 bridge: The man was pulled over in the early hours of Friday morning for a suspected DUI. Handcuffed and about to be carted off in the patrol car, the man got away from the arresting officer and jumped off the bridge. The officer caught the suspect’s leg but the weight was too much. He was retrieved from the lake about 30 minutes later and pronounced dead at Harborview Medical Center.

Did you know that Bumbershoot banned re-entry this year? Yeah, that happened. They say it's to keep with national safety protocols i.e. to prevent mass shootings.

Domino’s car thief eats chicken wings before arrest: The man stole a pizza delivery car on Capitol Hill and was caught by police going the wrong way on a one way street with his headlights out. He had eaten some jalapeño chicken wings and disposed of the Domino’s sign on top of the car. When asked about the stolen car, the suspect “claimed the stolen car belonged to a friend of his, and that ‘he was 80% sure that federal law allowed him to take the car,’”according to the SPD Blotter.

Beautiful, bravely idiotic cargo-shorted man: This guy is so fucking stupid but he might be my new idol.

Elon Musk ‘not on weed’ when tweeting about making Tesla private: Musk and Tesla are in turmoil ever since he tweeted that he was going to take Tesla private “at $420.” You know, because Musk has the emotional development of a 14-year-old and 420 means weed. Anyway, he’s all sad now and is taking too much Ambien. Tesla is tearing itself apart internally and board members are desperately seeking a second in command to help lighten Elon’s load, especially because it seems like he’s starting to crack. The SEC is investigating.

Another Chipotle food borne illness: About 650 people got sick after eating at an Ohio Chipotle. The food borne disease they consumed was a result of food sitting out at unsafe temperatures. Chipotle is going to retrain its employees on food handling nationwide. Maybe one day we'll all learn to stop eating Chipotle. Today is not that day, but here's hoping.

Turkish people are destroying their iPhones to protest Trump: Turkey announced an Apple boycott after Trump ramped up aluminum and steel import tariffs. The Turkish population is doing a little bit more than just boycotting. The Turks are destroying their phones and filming it. Some get really creative. Here’s one of my favorites mostly because this guy responded to Russell Crowe’s innocuous tweet with this video:

Cancer-stricken teacher runs out of sick days: A Florida teacher has colon cancer. He burned through all of his sick days by, uh, having colon cancer. He estimated he needed 20 more days to make it through chemo. Other staff members donated their sick days to him. That’s supposed to read like a heartwarming story but it’s actually super fucked up. Like, I dunno, don’t you think having cancer should be an okay excuse to waive the sick day limit?

Trump’s $90 million military parade has been delayed: Darn.

Gay pride parade canceled in small Russian town: It was going to be okay if it was just in the town because the town only has seven people. But, one of the organizers wanted to hold it at a slightly bigger town nearby. It was prohibited because “holding the event in another village with a population of 131 people ‘would have been too progressive for modern Russia,’” writes the Moscow Times.

A fun fact for your Friday: HAL Laboratory, the Japanese video game developer responsible for games like Kirby and Super Smash Bros, made its name HAL so each letter would be one step ahead of IBM.

This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: The massive cannabis convocation Hempfest, the Seattle Tattoo Expo, and the Mercer X Summit Block Party.