Gun Safety Measure Could Be Blocked from November Ballot



What's "stunning" is that the Alliance for Gun Responsibility couldn't be bothered to follow state law. It's like they missed the entirety of the Eyman era and expected to be given partial credit on this stuff.


Fuck the NRA. Gun safety NOW!


Is the Thurston County judge a proud member of the NRA? I rest my case.


Challenges to an initiative petition should not be considered after said petition is approved for signature gathering by the Sec. of State. It's beyond ridiculous to allow people to spend weeks of their lives gathering signatures, only to have it come to nothing. The judge may (or may not be) technically correct, but if so, the law needs to be changed. What an awful system.


@5: It seems that problems were apparent with the initiative since the beginning of July, or even earlier. As the review/approval process only generates recommended changes to a filed initiative (, we don't know whether these issues could have been fixed at the outset.

Nevertheless, it appears to have been a case of "ready, fire, aim" on the part of the sponsors. Not the sort of lawmaking I'd like to see done on an issue of such importance. If this was just an attempt at riding the wave of current events emotions to get laws past, all the more reason to sit back and think first.