These guys are yelling a lot but they swear theyre not Proud Boys.
These guys are yelling a lot but they swear they're not Proud Boys. Lester Black

Two white guys are currently yelling hate-filled messages about Islam on the corner of Broadway and Pike. I went to investigate after I heard they might be affiliated with the Proud Boys, an alt right group that is rallying tomorrow at Seattle City Hall. Was this a warm-up act for tomorrow's main event? An hors d'oeuvre of hate, if you will, before tomorrow's full festival of fuck boys?

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I went to investigate.

The pair was spewing a lot of the hateful shit I've heard from the rest of the alt right. You know, the fake statistics about terrorist attacks, misquoting from the Quran, yelling about how the left attacks them, etc. But both big boys claimed to not be part of the actual Proud Boys and said they did not plan on going to tomorrow's rally.

The guy with the beard, Anthony Parish, said he agrees with the Proud Boys message but doesn't want to formally join a single group. He said he would go to tomorrow's event but has a scheduling conflict. "I want to go to a wedding," Parish said.

The other guy, Lorenzo (he declined to give his last name), said he can't align with the Proud Boys for the same reason he is against gay pride: he doesn't like boastful people.

"Anything with pride, it's a sin to be prideful," Lorenzo said. "They boast certain ideologies and boasting is not acceptable."

Hmmm, interesting. The Proud Boys always claim they welcome gay people (even though they think people and businesses have the right to discriminate against people based on their sexuality), so maybe Proud Boys are really just Boy Pride which kind of sounds like Gay Pride so maybe the Proud Boys are Proud 2 Be Gay? I dunno, Lorenzo's idea not mine.

Lorenzo asked me how I felt about Dino Rossi, I said he seemed to be quite the loser. Lorenzo responded that God didn't let Dino win the first three statewide elections he ran in because it wasn't his time yet.

"I believe in God's time, if it wasn't his time before then it would haven't been the right time," Lorenzo said. "Now is a chance for him to be more effective."

Parish said he is going to stand outside the QFC all day until "someone kills me, I expect violence from the left."

If you see Anthony perhaps tell him he is wrong, or just laugh at him. But don't kill him. He wants to go to a wedding tomorrow.