Straight married woman in an open relationship. Earlier this summer I was dating someone who is also married and in an open relationship. We were texting and hanging out for about a month, went on a handful of dates, hooked up once (and it was good!), and then he ghosted me with no explanation. I wasn’t sure what happened or why he lost interest. Now this morning, a month later, he texted me out of the blue to say he wants to hang out again. I did have fun with him, but I don’t like that he wasn’t honest and straightforward with me. He said he just got busy with work. Should I see him again?

Already Ghosted Once


* How long does it take to text, "I'm swamped at work right now but I'll give you a shout when things calm down," to someone**?

** If the dick was really good and you won't be wounded (or surprised) when he ghosts on you a second time, go for it***.

*** This means, of course, that the "nope" I opened with is no longer binding****.

**** My advice is legally binding unless otherwise indicated.

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