For over 25 years, The Stranger has maintained an unwavering commitment to independent journalism. And even in this age fraught with fake news and Trumpian Doublethink, we pledge to carry the Banner Of Journalism onward, thus we asked Hempfest the question everyone demands to know: How high are you?

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Lester Black

Brandon VanBrunt (left): On a scale of 1 to 10? Probably 420.
Montana Hamerly (right): 420? Fuck yeah! I’m pretty up there, I dunno, 710?

Lester Black

Kalvin (left): I’m high but I could be higher.
Jay (right): Um, yeah I’m high.

Lester Black

Sheep Jones: Actually officer it's high, how are you?

Lester Black

Randy Bowles: Not at all. I came here to see the Climax Blues Band and to get a veggie burrito and I didn’t need marijuana to do that. I quit smoking in 1996. And drinking the same day. I wanted to see what clarity is like and it's fantastic.

Lester Black

Shaggy: Not high enough
LB: Why not?
Shaggy: Because you can always get higher.

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Lester Black

Patron: On what?
LB: On whatever you want?
Patron: I'm chilling honestly.

Lester Black

Joseph Phoenix: You know how they measure the heat in peppers? I am a million Skillville units high.
LB: Scoville units?
Joseph Phonex: Yeah Scoville. I am like ten habaneros deep.

Lester Black

Dana S.: Not very actually., I'm one of the volunteers and I've been here since Monday. This morning I was on top of the stage sitting up there still hanging signs and those prayer flags.
LB: Did you smoke up there?
Dana S.: No, we don’t smoke in any public areas. Man there’s a reason Hempfest might not happen again. It literally costs over $800,0000 to put on. The prices for the permit doubled so the budget in some places doubled on top of everything else.