King County: Deputies Were Justified in Killing Unarmed Tommy Le



@1, that's helpful


@1 Keep barking, dog. You going to bite, or are you too chicken shit?


Wonder why the taser didn't stop him. And my god, it's a pen/knife. Take out your billy club and smack him on the side of the head. I'm not a cop, never been in situations like this, so I understand a bit of armchair quarterbacking going on. But cops should be better at close-quarters combat and learn to use their fists and clubs. They may get cut, injured, but at least there wouldn't be someone dead.


If they're going to say the pen is a deadly weapon, they've got to go on and say an unarmed person is a deadly weapon. You never know who's a kung fu badass so you gotta shoot em all.


Glad to see that this case is finally getting more attention. I've never understood why such a scene was made over Charleena Lyles shooting that happened just prior to Le's, but his untimely death was turned into barely a footnote. ESPECIALLY considering the obvious and wide disparity in evidence and circumstances behind each's shootings. While every bit of evidence suggests that Lyles' shooting was tragic but justified, Le's case has actually been the most likely one to be a murder. So why do local activists still cry about Charleena's "Murder" but ignore Le's death? Because Charleena was killed by Seattle Cops and Tommy the Sheriff? Because Charleena was Black but Tommy was only Asian?


Shot in the back for holding a pen. Hmmm.


Shorter KCPO: "The pen is mightier (read: deadlier) than the sword (read: gun)."


You can't reform the police. "More training" solves nothing. Where do you think they were taught to shoot to kill a guy because he has a pen? Cop training. It's baked into cop culture.

Defund the police. Defund the sheriff. Move the money to other agencies that can address the same issues. Fewer cops means fewer killings by cops.


mistral, of course people should obey the cops. But sometimes they are drunk or high. Or dumb. They don’t deserve to die for any of those reasons.


"Just follow the cop's orders" doesn't always work. Remember Daniel Shaver?


Funny how the white supremacists don't get shot dead when they don't snap to and follow every cop order on the double. They wave guns around and don't get shot. Something about them is different, I guess. What could it be...?