Hate Change? Here's How to Get Back the Old Gmail



On various platforms, the "go back to the old version" options are usually only kept for a while. You might as well get used to the new one, because the option to use the previous won't be around forever.


What @1 said.

Wish there was a way to tell email providers to stop trying to fix things that aren't broken. Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. all "update" their product with "new and improved" functions that are not improvements and were not asked for. I guess the development teams there need to justify their existence somehow.


@2: The whole idea of development teams is to continuously innovate new features and improvements, not to find the perfect 'Shangri-La' interface and call it a day.

Consider for example, the delightful new feature 'ignore this conversation'.


I'm at a loss as to what radical change happened in the gmail reading experience that would have prompted this... :D


Yeah, but when the new features and improvements are neither new nor improvements then the dev team has failed.


Gmail has been one of the worst design interfaces I can remember, I think the new version is a slight improvement. Shit took like 2 minutes to find the damn reply button, and oh god how it stacks incoming messages from the same user... the humanity.


Thank you, Katie, for helping me to detransition my Gmail.