God damn. God damn. God damn. God damn. As Nathalie pointed out in Slog AM, this brief reprieve from the smoke monster will be just that: brief. As such, it's not too late to tell you that that surgical mask you're wearing isn't gonna do shit to protect you. And that handkerchief wrapped around your face? Makes you look like an Antifa LARPer and it also does not do shit. The only kind of face mask that will protect your precious innards are called "particulate respirators," and they form a seal around the gaping holes in your face known as nostrils and mouth. They look like this:

YES. gangliu10/Getty Images

Look for ones that say N95 or N100. Unfortunately, particulate respirators are pretty damn uncomfortable and make you extremely aware of the smell of your own breath, but at least they're effective and you won't look like a total fool when you're wearing one, unlike this:

NO. Popartic/Getty Images

and this:
David Duke is a cunt but still no.
David Duke is a cunt but still no. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Pray for rain, folks! It won't work, but you might as well do something with all this indoor time.