Zooming out of jail is easy peasy
Zooming out of jail is easy peasy manop1984 /Getty Images

Yesterday’s zany caper has not concluded.

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Enter, or rather exit, Joseph Matthew Tremato, a 49-year-old inmate arrested for burglary and drug charges. Tremato zipped out of King County Jail with zeal and ease, disguising himself among prisoners slated for release.

King County Jail was buzzing with activity, officials contacted Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Department and put the jail on lockdown after the bizarre escape.

“Actually lockdowns are standard procedure,” Capt. Lisaye Manning with the Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention told The Stranger. “There’s no chaos that occurs.”

Manning did not know whether anything like this had ever happened at King County Jail before. She said she would have to do some research to figure that out.

Either way, yesterday was quite the doozy, and, according to Manning, Tremato is not in custody.

That was about all Manning could say on the matter since the investigation is still ongoing.

“Everything we can provide to the community without jeopardizing the community is in the press release,” Manning said. “Until all the reports and investigations are concluded this is about it that I can disclose to you.”

Tremato, with his back-of-the-head “ZOOM” tattoo, brazenly vamoosed, flew the coop, and now remains at large. He'll have to wear a baseball cap or at least a yarmulke if he wants to stay that way. The "ZOOM" tattoo is not what we would call discreet.

Manning said to call back in a week. Maybe by then they’ll have caught the elusive John Matthew Tremato.

if seen pls call 9-1-1
if seen pls call 9-1-1 King County Jail