Bye bye burgers
Bye-bye burgers Dick's

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This week, In-N-Out caught the ire of good liberals everywhere after California journalist Gabe Schneider pointed out on Twitter that the company—gasp—donates to the GOP.

According to recent campaign fillings, the once beloved burger dealer gave $25,000 to the state Republican Party. Some Dems, as you can imagine, were not pleased that their double-double animal styles with cheese are going to fund GOP politics, and California Democratic Party chairman Eric Bauman called for a boycott.

While it may be easy for those of us up here in In-N-Out-less Seattle to *say* we'd give up our burgers and fries (double fried, natch) if only we had the opportunity to participate, the question is, would we really put our money where our mouths are? Well, good news, folks! We too can boycott burger chains that donate to GOP politics, starting with Dick's Drive-In.

Members of the Spady family, the longtime owners of your favorite cheap burger joint, have a long history of donating to candidates that those of you reading this right now might find... problematic. This includes (but is not limited to) Dave Reichert, the Republican Party of Washington State, Dino Rossi, and Mitt Romney. Plus there's the whole head tax thing, which the Spady family really fucking fought against.

Granted, other members of the family donate to Dems and the company pays better than basically any other fast-food empire in the country, offers even part-time employees up to $25,000 to pay for college, and gives all of their workers free insurance and stipends to cover child care. But if you say you would boycott In-N-Out, the morally consistent position for you to take would be to boycott Dick's.

Or not. Those milkshakes are thick as fuck.