Sharpen your Ticonderogas and bring out your Jansports
Sharpen your Ticonderogas and bring out your Jansports Kritchanut/ Getty Images

Back to school for Seattle teachers: The teachers reached a tentative deal Friday with their unions for a one year contract with a 10.5 percent pay raise. Still, many are worried the deal will fall short of their expectations, reports the Seattle Times. The dream had been a 15 percent raise. Six districts in western Washington will not have school today because they are still striking. These include Tukwila, Centralia, Puyallup, Rainier, Stanwood-Camano, and Tumwater.

Experience music on the meadow! Final ZooTunes lineup announced!

Ed Murray paid his bills: The law firm he hired last year during the heat of the sex abuse scandal that roiled Seattle said Murray didn’t pay. He allegedly owed the firm $12,455. They sued him. He denied he owed them that money. The two sides settled last week and the case is now closed. Terms weren’t discussed.

Seattle Storm thunders into WNBA final: They beat the Phoenix Mercury by 10 points last night. Sue Bird carried the team, sinking basket after basket. Apparently, only two days ago, Bird had broken her nose. Still, she wasn’t about to let her team lose. The Storm only took its first lead in the game with 8 minutes left of play, reports the Seattle Times. Supersonics who?

How hard will it become to avoid the pull of the Amazon Go store? Amazon just opened its third cashier-less convenience store in Seattle. Pretty sure they only opened their second one last week. The siren song of the Amazon Go store is strong. Our lust for convenience is how they get us. Amazon has recently filed patents for the shelf technology in the stores. The third store opened in South Lake Union.

We’re hanging hot and dry this September: So far, at least. If I’m going to get up before the sun these days I’d like the weather to be a bit chillier, you know? I think we'll be getting some of that this weekend.

Tacoma has a baller new aquarium: Pacific Seas Aquarium at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is 35,000 square feet of under-the-sea magic. The project cost $51.6 million to build. The best part is the sea turtles. Let's all go.

Brett Kavanaugh, friend of the people: Brushed off a father of a girl murdered in Parkland. His confirmation hearing continues today. Protests also continue.

Mueller will accept written answers from Trump instead of in-person interview: Goddammit. Who thinks that’s a good idea? It’s not set in stone yet by any means, but the special counsel said he would accept written responses to some inquiries instead of requiring Trump to sit for an interview. That’s fucking bullshit. However, that doesn’t close the possibility of an in-person interview down the line. Still, this is a major concession to Trump’s legal team.

Do you have a favorite airport? Mine is Denver’s airport. It’s so clean and open. Here’s something funny happening there these days.

Facebook and Twitter feel the heat: Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter are testifying before the Senate today on their companies’ roles in election interference. What a crazy time. Think about 10 years ago when everyone was speculating on how this social media trend would shake out. I don’t know if anyone pictured this reality.

Oh, also Alex Jones is there:

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A book presentation of unusual aquatic animals with Puget Sound photographer Drew Collins, an indie rock show with LVL UP, Pllush, and Dogbreth, and a screening of the star-studded Oceans 8 at the Summer Rewind Film Festival.

Now, what you're eating for breakfast:

From Jim: "Racing to the airport this AM so just a quick "stand-up-and-eat-in-the-kitchen" breakfast of E muffin, peppered Spam, flat fried egg with fiesta chili powder, cheddar cheese, avocado and Tapatio sauce. They can't all be pretty!"


From DeeDee: