Glenn Close Simmers in the Oscar-Worthy The Wife



Christian Slaters Character is called Jonathan Pryce in a movie starring Jonathan Pryce?


Is this really a mystery? I won't spoil it here, but the trailer does more than hint at why Glenn Close's character is seething.

Anyway, did you know that Glenn Close grew up in a cult? I didn't realize it until I heard her on Wait, Wait recently.


I went to Stratford upon Avon to watch some Shakespeare when I was 17, school trip. I don't remember the exact play (maybe Taming of the Shrew?) but it featured Jonathan Pryce getting out of a bathtub naked. Good times. Have been a huge fan ever since (so, like, 40 years).


Rabbit stew on the menu?


Glenn Close was great in The Natural. She was awesome in The shield. I have loved her acting for a long time.


The audiobook is amazing. Loved it.


Effecting? I believe it should be "affecting". The movie sounds fantastic, and it's nice to see Glenn Close in a role where she can show some serious depth!