Slog AM: Fentanyl Deaths Quadruple in Alaska, Washington Schools Threatened by Number of Unvaccinated Kids, India Decriminalizes Homosexuality



“...and meth possession.”

There you go.


Dude! WRONG kinda beaver!
Plus, flowers, chocolate and din-din -- NEVER vehicular assualt!

I blame the far alt right for this dumbling down of amerikkka...
We need a New President.



Now if those Islamic nations would decriminalize homosexuality....


4 dead in a Mass Shooting in my (and David Cole's) hometown. In the center of downtown at 9 AM. Guns are always with us.


"This episode of 'Today In Whataboutism' is brought to you by the States of Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah, because - fuck the Supreme Court."


Yay India!


After last year's Seattle Design Festival, someone composed and posted an essay in Occidental just in front of the Weyerhauser building. One page long, it basically said "sorry homeless people for displacing you for our festival...yammer yammer...something something...we are all pulling for you - you can do it...something something."

I am looking forward to this year's essay and hopefully any updates from those who took last year's message to heart.


I've eaten at Morimoto's ramen place in NYC. Ooink in Capitol Hill is better!


@3 You forgot to finish your comment. Here, I'll help.
Now if those Islamic nations would decriminalize homosexuality... and if those Christian nations would decriminalize homosexuality.


@9: Which "Christian" nations are you referring to?


@9 the Catholic one, for a start. I blame the Catholic church for over population for its ban on birth control -- and other hypocrisy like divorce and homosexuality, not to mention all the child abuse. They don't represent Christ who forgave and accepted everyone. I'd say the Catholic church is its own putrid nation. They should just go away...



Off the top of my head, Russia and Uganda for starters. I'm not sure if homosexuality is technically illegal in Russia but it might as well be.


Catholicism is currently and justifiably going through a reappraisal it has never witnessed before. Always thought it was a load and was baffled at the amount of power it had during the 50's and 60's growing up. Just my life experience. Now a new enlightenment is seeing it as it was/is. They are still strong in third world countries where poverty and overpopulation are so bad that it gives them hope. "Things may be bad now, but you'll have a wonderful time after your dead."



"a reappraisal it has never witnessed before"

I've got the sixteenth century on the phone here, it wants to talk to you and it sounds angry.


Was going to add that but thought different. They might be angry but I'm no less angry at them for spreading the same message I have in quotes.


@9, As 10 said Russia and Uganda were the first to come to mind but you could add a number of other African countries, Jamaica exactly how many do you need? Do you want to count all of the countries where it's technically legal but they're still oppressed?

I'm not saying that Christians are necessarily worse to gays than Muslims. Just suggesting you look to the plank in your own eye before... etc.


Alaskan isn't all that upset about drug companies killing people via Fentanyl as he's about the vague possibility that low vaccination rates (no specifics given), MIGHT, cause an outbreak which MIGHT cause a health problem to someone. Potential speculative problem wins out over real problem.