A few years ago, cool-kids film distro company A24 announced they'd be releasing Austin Vesely's Slice, a pizza-themed horror flick starring Chance the Rapper, Atlanta's Zazie Beetz, and that guy with the hair from Stranger Things. Since then, there's been little news about it—until this week, when it was revealed Slice will screen for one night only, in 21 cities, on September 10. Seattle's one of 'em.

Should you see Slice? YOUR CALL. On the upside, hey, that's a good trailer, and that's a great cast; on the downside, it isn't being screened for critics, which isn't a great sign, and national one-night-only screenings are usually reserved for cinematic masterpieces such as Primal Rage: Bigfoot Reborn. So, as with pizza delivery, audiences will be taking their chances. Goddammit. I just realized those italics make it look like I'm making a pun about Chance the Rapper's name? I'm not. Anyway, tickets are here, should your interests include pizza, blood, or bloody pizza.