Puffins organic pot plants.
Puffin's "organic" pot plants. Lester Black

I’ve known about Puffin Farm for a while now, mostly just because they grow some great pot. Their hindu kush is spicy and sedating. Their tangerine strain is one of the juiciest citrus strains on the market, especially when it’s processed into a vape cartridge. And their lavender flower is nice and floral, like a visit to your grandmother’s garden.

But it wasn’t until a breezy and sunny day last week that I got to see where all of this wonderful pot comes from.

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Look at these lovely ladies.
Look at these lovely ladies. Lester Black

Puffin sits in a small canyon carved by the Yakima River a few miles west of Ellensburg. It’s in that transitional part of central Washington where you’re near both the snow-capped peaks of the cascades but also the desert to the east.

Sustainable pot in the foreground, sustainable energy in the background.
Sustainable pot in the foreground, sustainable energy in the background. Lester Black

The pot plants at Puffin Farms aren’t technically organic, but that’s only because the federal government controls that word “organic” and the feds don’t like pot. Hence organic pot can’t be called organic. These plants haven’t been treated with any nasty fertilizers or pesticides and are cared for like the plants at any other organic farm, something that Puffin has verified through a private company called Clean Green Certified.

You cant smoke this pot... yet.
You can't smoke this pot... yet. Lester Black

My early September visit was too early in the season for Puffin’s buds to be fully developed into big flowers. Pot plants grown outdoors like Puffin’s won’t grow flowers until their biological clock tells them to, which is triggered when the days get shorter as we head into fall. By the end of September these little buds should be swollen into fat fruits ready to be smoked. Which, given the quality of this farm’s herb, I fully intend on doing.
My latex hand holding some Hindu Kush from Puffins 2017 vintage.
My latex hand holding some Hindu Kush from Puffin's 2017 vintage. Lester Black

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