KIRO's Dori Monson Picked a Fight With the Wrong Drag Queen



Kids love a good pantomime.


We all agree that drag queens are more annoying than mimes and deejays put together, but seriously there is no harm here at all.


Dori Monson is a he? Who knew?

Well, fvck him.


Maybe Britain has a longer history of cultural acceptance of men in frocks, as @1 says (LOL the user name). TV comedy when I was growing up was full of entertainers like Dick Emery and Les Dawson, cross-dressing but not actually gay, as well as Danny LaRue, who was gay. It didn't seem weird to me, as a kid. My homophobic father never said anything negative and we enjoyed those shows, with their double-entendres, as a family. I have a hard time understanding the likes of Dori Monson.




Sorry, I caught all caps fever from this article (ahem...Louisianna sp])...but one of Dori's gripes that was not covered here is his outrage over the fact that Sparkle smokes weed (legal) in her house (legal) and uses cuss words (legal) on teh YouTubes (legal). He's worried kids will think that's "bad role-model behavior."

Well, Dori Dearie, how about you talk to parents instead about watching what their kids see online, and why don't you get your titties in a twist when someone actually does something, you know, FUCKING ILLEGAL.

What a turd.


Did not realize Dori Monson is a hepcat. Appreciate this clarification.


Can we rescind KIROs media license on monopoly or propaganda laws? This Sinclair bullshit is scary as fuck.


@1 and 4, virtually every episode of Monty Python had at least one sketch like that.

For those not familiar with Pantomime, traditionally the male lead character is played by a female.

Munson appeared quite liberal until this day in 2001, he was obviously very traumatized and became insufferable afterwards.

Accidentally tuned in to Munson the other afternoon for about 30 seconds, he who has a "three hour radio show" was whinging about the striking teachers pay and them not working full time.


Conservatives like Dori do not care about facts. Facts are tedious and boring. Rants full of lies are way more fun.


There was never any opposition to Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Flip Wilson, Paul Lynde, or Milton Berle doing drag in the presence of kids.


Don't come after Sparkle Leigh! Dan is one of the sweetest people you ever want to meet and I will fight anyone that says different.



Only someone as culturally backwards as Monson would select a term that's been out of common use for roughly a half century in an attempt to convey how culturally aware he is. He probably has a tendency to shout "23 Skidoo!" or "well, I'll be jiggered!" when he's around Millenials and wants to show them how "with it" he is to their "jive talk".


@1 If anyone knows anything about a good panto, they know Dick Whittington!

With Dori on KIRO and Sinclair owning KOMO, I'm amazed people still believe there is a liberal bias to corporate media. Keep in mind that the far right sees this as a win-win situation. They get to bash the LGBT community and argue that tax dollars are being wasted by our libraries at the same time.


Remember when Some Like It Hot tuned everyone trans? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon have a lot to answer for.


I always thought Dori Monson was a woman, who maybe talked about recipes or something until I happened upon the show.

But yes, it was a grim time in Renton as jackbooted Feminists went door to door, pulling innocent families out of their christian homes, to be hauled to the Public Library to face shrill transvestites reading from such books as "My Three Daddies Have A Dungeon", "Mommy Wanted An Abortion But She Got Me Instead" and "A Child's Treasury of Fisting"


My goodness. She's reading a Dr. Suess book to children, not sticking it up her ass. It looks like the kids are having fun.


@17 I'd go if she was shoving it up her ass. (Did I type that out loud?)


@16, "A Child's Treasury of Fisting" A classic title for every first grader! :)


@17, lol. Why the fuck does Dori think suicide rates for trans people is so high? Could it be because they face a world in which their identity is so feared by small-minded windbags that the act of reading to a bunch of kids, who couldn’t care less that it’s a guy wearing a dress, is seen as some kind of nefarious, disgusting act of indoctrination and perversion?


DORI has never let facts get in the way of his rants. He was a typical Seattle talk jock, supporting Clinton and Gore, then after 9/11 he took a sharp right. I think it's cynical posturing for ratings....he comes off as acidic and this vitrol devoid of reality is more evidence of that...


@14, well nobody's perfect :)



I blame Bugs Bunny - once you've seen a talking cartoon rabbit transition into a Wagnerian coloratura soprano and then attempt to seduce a bald-pated huntsman with a mild speech impediment, you can never go back.


what a great costume, and the smiles on the kids tell the true story


I won a haiku contest on Dori's show and I and four other listeners went to dinner with him and his wife at Buca di Beppo on KIRO's dime. This was back before he hopped on to the "Rage = Ratings" bandwagon. He actually supported a new stadium for the Mariners, and he and Dave Ross did a live on-air pro and con from Westlake Park.

Now he's so ridiculously over-the-top -- making up hypothetical situations which he then claims prove his point, or saying "the globe is not warming, and the climate is not changing," as if it serves as evidence -- that when I'm back in town I can listen for only about 30 seconds before switching stations.


Having attended one of these readings with my kids, I can say they’re terrific. Having heard Dori’s show, I can say it’s bad for kids and adults.


@7 KIRO radio isn't Sinclair, it's Bonneville, the Mormons


@13 KIRO radio is not affiliated with KIRO TV...KIRO radio is owned by Bonneville


@21 & @25: Thank you for reminding everyone how Monson has cynically reinvented himself over the years. It's hard to believe this is the same person who defended Bill Clinton against impeachment and claimed to have voted for Gore in 2000. But, I guess middle of the road doesn't equal big ratings like it did back in the Jim French Era, and so along came right-wing rageaholic Dori.

The guy is a total phony.


Divine applying make up to girls and other strictly divine pics:


And the best ongoing show in Savageville is the Kings night at Kremwerk on every last Saturday of the month.
Talent, fun, and extremely accommodating crowd (not related, just a recently converted fan):


@29 JIM FRENCH, yes that was "Seattle" radio at its best; his dramas were great least KIRO has liberal Dave Ross, in his 40th year....


The way some public figures cynically Foxify themselves into ranty outrage clickbait is a really, really sad story.


Since I moved to Seattle, I have listened to the Dori Monson Show. I do not agree with the guy 90% of the time. He is annoying at times too. Sometimes I have to shut him off. But I listen to him to gain perspective on the other side and see what makes them tick. Seattle is a great city but it is poorly managed. I am a member of the Seattle Looks Like shit facebook page. Because lets be honest the homeless and drug problem in our city is growing and not getting better. Every stairwell every alley smells like human waste. I hate going to the city because of it. That is the 10% I agree with Dori Monson on.


I blame JP patches and Gertrude and Kiro TV They started all this mess. Catering to kids in drag.
Signed a lifelong patches pal.