Go get em Bob!!

My atonement: First and foremost, I want to apologize to all of the Slog readers for my inability to be Nathalie Graham. I am Michael Bell. This is a truth that even I am having a difficult time reckoning with. That being said, I hope this heartfelt apology brings us all a bit closer together. Nathalie will be starting an evening news roundup, Slog PM, today around 6 p.m. I am more than proud to follow in her illustrious footsteps and carry the Slog AM torch.*

On the Boards presents NW New Works 2019, a festival of the boldest new performance in the PNW!

Overcharged meters: Dogs in yards, students moving in, snow, and new computers are all factors cited as Seattle City Light’s vague-at-best explanations for why customers may be receiving unexpectedly massive charges on their bills, reports Daniel Beekman at the Seattle Times. For what it’s worth, the system for measuring usage is incredibly complicated. City council member Teresa Mosqueda, who ordered the investigation, wants the audit to focus on management “rather than blaming City Light workers.”

If you tow it, you better know it: Though not as sexy or glamorous as when he sues President Trump, Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against a Tacoma tow company for allegedly auctioning off a navy service member’s car while the sailor was on deployment. Ferguson said, “Service members shouldn’t have to worry about their property being illegally sold while they’re deployed,” which is a sentiment I think we can all agree with. Also, fuck tow companies.**

No school again in Tacoma or Tumwater today: Maybe you’re bored, hearing about this day after day. Well guess what? Teachers are bored of being underpaid and underappreciated, though they are frankly being quite nice about it. Meanwhile, the Tumwater School District seems to think the strike is hurting the community more than overcrowded classrooms and underfunded teachers. If you want details or an update on the collective bargaining, that can be found here.

Seattle’s only good (great) team: Tonight will be game three for the Seattle Storm against the Washington Mystics, and I highly recommend showing some Seattle spirit by watching them clinch the title. If, like me, you don’t have cable, you can stream it here.

Speaking of storms, part 1: If you’re asking what is more terrifying than waking up to a tweet from Mike Pence, the answer would be waking up to a tweet from the National Weather Service that looks like this:

Speaking of storms, part 2: Perhaps it is chump change compared to “prepare for… catastrophic flooding,” but Washington is having rain issues as well.

Run wolf pack, run: An unnamed wolf pack in Northeast Washington has been blamed for a “handful of attacks” on livestock. Ranchers versus wolves is a fight I don’t necessarily have a foot in, as I have great respect for both (though I tend to lean wolf). It seems even experts are having a tough time finding a solution to the problem.

Mall fire: KING 5 reports that a strip mall in Kirkland caught fire this morning around 3 a.m. Ten business were damaged and a nearby apartment building was evacuated. There isn’t much information on the fire, although KING 5 does say, “The fire appears to have started near a dry cleaning business at the lot.”

Free Little Library alert: I pass by several of these beautiful libraries every day on my dog walks through Wallingford, but yesterday I came across something that shook me—a Free Little Library laced with CANDY CORN. This is foul:

Even the books are leaning to get as far away as possible.MB

Free Little Libraries are supposed to encourage people to read, not scare them away from books.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: An outdoor screening of the Hayao Miyazaki classic Kiki's Delivery Service (which you're encouraged to ride your bike to), Seattle Symphony's tribute to the score from the video game series Final Fantasy, and a chance to see the Whim W’Him Choreographic Shindig IV, which is kicking off the dance company's fall season.


* Editor's note: Hi, it's me. Nathalie. You know, from "the past." It's true that Michael is not me. He is himself, and that's OK. He was born and raised in Seattle, which is different from our usual fare over here (cough transplants cough), so that adjustment may be rough for some Slog readers. As his editor—yes, I'll be doing the editing—I'll try to make that transition nice and smooth like Jiffy peanut butter. Not Skippy, the only peanut butter my one roommate will eat.

** Had to point out a little conflict of interest here. Michael knows Bob Ferguson. I don't think it's unethical for him to write about him, but, on the contrary, it's validating to know that Ferguson is just as sexy in person as we all thought he'd be.

Now your breakfasts, done by Nathalie for old times' sake:

Jim C. and his friends are back, but his actual breakfast was as follows: "Sorry, I made pancakes along with some white nectarine slices for my mom, who's turning a high prime number this week, but the image isn't uploading to my account, so here's a photo of some friends having breakfast yesterday."


Jim M. coming in hot as per usual: "So here we have, bottom up, English muffin, peppered Spam, red bell peppers and onions, egg fried with Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning, Swiss cheese topped with blue cheese shavings, avocado. Didn't add salt - the blue cheese has plenty!"


Michael (not Bell) is back and raring to go: "Here is my breakfast. Bacon’s still cooking, so don’t know if that counts to be considered for breakfast photos.

Bacon, warmed up (toasted) pancakes from Sunday, and coffee."

Love a leftover pancake.


DeeDee is delving into this: "Hatch chili meatloaf (cold, obvs) and pasta salad, aka what was in the fridge this morning. Coffee with maple-flavored creamer, aka I wish I lived in Canada."


Finally, Michael and I breakfasted together. Symbolic? Maybe. Delicious? It was a breakfast-for-lunch situation yesterday, so my chocolate-chip pancakes didn't feel quite right.


Anyway, that's it for me for now. I'll be here every morning behind the scenes and elsewhere on Slog. Look for me. Love Michael like a son, nay, a brother. Send your breakfasts to mbell@thestranger.com from now on. So long.