Excellent for running a nation and mopping up spilled milk.
Excellent for running a nation and mopping up spilled milk. mscornelius/Getty

Weekday Trumpdate gives you the latest on the ongoing catastrophe in the White House.

Surprise! Trump opened his face hole and some lies fell out, this time about the 3,000 Puerto Ricans, who, he promises, definitely did not die due to Hurricane Maria and tottttallly died from something else. Probably Hillary's emails! Even his fellow Republicans called BS on this one, according to CNN:

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters he has "no reason to dispute those numbers."
"Casualties don't make a person look bad, so I have no reason to dispute these numbers," he said Thursday.
"It was devastating. It was a horrible storm. I toured the entire island. It's an isolated island that lost its infrastructure and power for a long time, you couldn't get to people for a long time," Ryan said.
"I have no reason to dispute those numbers," he added. "Those are just the facts of what happened."

Ol' Grandpappy Don is getting paranoid, as Vanity Fair reports:

Trump’s anger over Woodward’s book is dwarfed by his continuing fixation on the anonymous New York Times op-ed. Sources told me Trump is “obsessed,” “lathered,” and “freaked out” that the leaker is still in his midst. His son Don Jr. has told people he’s worried Trump isn’t sleeping because of it, a source said. Meetings have been derailed by Trump’s suspicion. “If you look at him the wrong way, he’ll spend the next hour thinking you wrote it,” a Republican close to the White House said.

Aunt Flo may be in town but the red wave sure ain't. NBC reports that the Trump GOP is "screwed" when it comes to the coming House race (and if we ever want to see "screw" and "Trump" in the same sentence, it's when it comes to the November races).

Several reputable polls released in the last week have placed Trump's approval rating below 40 percent, meaning there aren't many people outside his base who think he's doing a great job. Recent generic ballot surveys, which measure whether voters want Republicans or Democrats in control of Congress, have pointed to a Democratic advantage ranging from 10 points to 14 points.

Another divorce is on the horizon, this time between Big Don and Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis, the Iraq war hawk who is somehow a "moderating force" in the White House. According to Business Insider, Trump has so soured on the general that he's given him an even dumber nickname:

Reports have continued to emerge suggesting that Mattis is a moderating force in the administration, slow-walking Trump's directives and even ignoring the more incendiary ones. (And, on at least one occasion, defusing confrontations between administration officials.)

According to a Politico report, Trump has picked up on this dynamic and it has affected how he views the defense secretary. Behind closed doors, Trump has reportedly started calling the revered general "Moderate Dog" and might also be considering replacing him.

Speaking of war, Trump's ongoing trade war with China threatens to hurt even more American workers. Fucking over voters like a strange campaign move but, hey, it worked for him in the past. Take it away, CNBC:

The reports of potential talks come as an escalating tariff fight threatens to ensnare more American companies, including behemoth Apple. The U.S. and China have already slapped tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods coming from the other trading partner.

Trump is considering whether to put duties on an additional $200 billion in Chinese products. He recently said he is "ready to go" on additional tariffs on $267 billion in goods. China has threatened to retaliate in kind.

It is the 602nd day of Trump's presidency. If you've survived this long, you can survive til he's taken away in handcuffs.