His face is so hatable.
His face is so hatable. Getty Images

They did it! But won’t tell us what they did exactly…: Tacoma teachers have made a tentative deal with the district, which means school will be back in session starting Monday! There really aren’t that many details about the specifics, but the teachers weren’t playing games this time around, and I would be surprised if they didn’t wind up with a pretty good deal.

Kushner doesn’t want Palestinians to have to rely on entitlements as he has: Mark Landler reports in The New York Times that Jared Kushner said, “Nobody is entitled to America’s foreign aid.” Really makes you cringe right? The thesis here is that, because of the Trump Administration's punitive actions in taking away foreign aid to Palestinians, we basically have no idea what the future in the middle east holds. “No idea” is still somehow one more idea than Jared Kushner has ever had. Our only hope for a change of heart, and it’s a long shot, is that Kushner realizes what the word entitlement means, and how good it’s been to him.

Perhaps our real hope is an impending resignation: Oh this is big—Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman is reportedly entering a plea deal to avoid a second bout in federal court. This is breaking news, and not all of the details are available yet. A plea deal puts us just this much closer to what I believe will inevitably result in a resignation. Likely, there will be a short period of time where Trump unleashes a bonanza of ludicrous tweets, followed by a peculiar silence—then, suddenly, he will wave goodbye from the tarmac, KFC bucket in hand, and get on a helicopter à la Nixon.

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo erases Cynthia Nixon: Cuomo’s early lead, only 30 minutes into counting, was a two-to-one margin, and the race was called just a few minutes later. Cuomo will be seeking a third term in November, just like his daddy. This quote from Shane Goldmacher’s New York Times piece really sums it up: “He won ugly,” said Bradley Tusk, who served as campaign manager for former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Arguably, Nixon pushed Cuomo left on certain issues, and fought a completely unwinnable campaign in the hopes to do just that. That’s putting in serious work, and deserves serious praise.

Hurricane Florence has touched down—now being unfairly compared to running:

But seriously, it's awful: Approximately four hundred thousand people are already out of power. KING5 also has various live streams going at different places affected by the storm. I kind of thought this was silly, until I watched the one at Carolina Beach, which features an American Flag, ripped in half by the wind, holding on with all its might to stay on the pole:

Holy fucking super typhoon, Batman: There’s a mega-typhoon hurtling towards the Philippines. Their only defense? Well, it seems like prayer. “The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines called on churches throughout the predominantly Catholic country to recite a prayer for deliverance from calamities,” writes Richard C. Paddock in The New York Times. It’s a shame prayer has no effect on weather (Cliff Mass, feel free to weigh in), because this storm is supposed to be as strong as a category five hurricane. The governor (of the province that's most likely to get hit the hardest), Imee R. Marcos, has outlawed drinking alcohol in anticipation of the storm.

Seattle weather is, drum roll, exactly what it should be:

Rich is the new middle class: Twenty-five percent of families in Seattle make more than two-hundred thousand dollars a year. Compare that to, say, Tacoma, where only six percent of families make over two-hundred thousand a year. Apparently Bellevue is at thirty-two percent, which makes sense, because you’d have to be making that much to live and breed in such a sterile hell-hole.

Welcome to Frelingford, home of the apartment complex: Doug Tumm is correct when he says some people have dubbed the Stone Way corridor as Frelingford. I can vouch that this is indeed what we have dubbed it. Although I was originally a supporter of, “Wallingmont,” it has become clear over time that Frelingford is phonetically superior. Apparently 1,500 apartments have gone up on Stone Way since 2012, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I watched most of them go up when I worked as a line cook at 36 Stone, and at that time we referred to them as “Amazon Dorms.” In any case this is a thoughtful little piece by The Urbanist, and worth a read.

I spotted this in Frelingford while walking my dog and now I need your help: It seems simple; a crossing sign with a small addition—an elliptical circle conspicuously placed around the depicted characters’s wastes. Is it a group hula hoop? Is it a comment on their genitals? Will we ever know? The best thing we can do is scrutinize and interpret it until it becomes so obscure that it no longer matters:


This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: The 2018 Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival, the opening of the Frye's Group Therapy exhibit, and a concert featuring Angel Olsen and her show-stopper of a voice.