we both look very bad but its FRIDAY
we both look very bad but it's FRIDAY this unflattering picture was brought to you by Christopher Frizzelle

Slog PM today is brought to you by this Strawberry Paloma: Oof, she's strong. This baby tastes like melted optimism with a dash of spring break regret. I bet George Clooney would love it.


It's from Linda Derschang's new old spot, Queen City which just opened. I'm loving it. There's a bust of a jackalope (maybe) above my head, the original wooden booths maintain the spot's original charm, and I'm seated right in the back, near where they used to do lots of cocaine in the '90s. Read Charles Mudede's piece on Queen City and then get your ass down here.

Seattle gets some $$$ for being green: Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and current billionaire, is sponsoring 20 cities to fight climate change. This is a response to Trump yanking us out of the Paris Agreement. Seattle got a big ol’ $2.5 million check to help the Emerald City stay green. What do we get out of the deal? Read that here.

Two western Washington men packing heat and stashing pills: The duo had a home stock full of 33 firearms, nearly a million dollars hidden in various nooks and crannies, and 10,000 tablets of fentanyl, reports the Seattle Times. Officers starting staking the men out after an anonymous tip. Then, during a traffic stop in July they busted the guys and “using a drug-detection dog, investigators found three bags each containing 1,000 fake oxycodone pills and $8,000 cash.” Then they issued search warrants and the rest is history.

Brett Kavanaugh is (allegedly) gross: I mean, we all know how shitty his views are. But, his alleged actions are speaking louder than words today. The FBI is investigating a claim against Kavanaugh from a woman who went to high school with him. She says that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her back then. She approached Democratic lawmakers with her story after Kavanaugh's nomination announcement. She alleged that Kavanaugh pinned her down at a party, attempted to force himself on her, and turned up the music to drown out her protests, reports the New Yorker. She was able to free herself. Kavanaugh denies the incident took place.

School bus buries itself in power pole: A school bus for special needs kids crashed in Auburn. The three kids on the bus weren’t seriously injured but are getting medical attention. The bus slammed into a power pole.

Bellevue bridal shop plowed by Prius: It was the conjugal visit no one asked for. The Bridal Palace Bellevue’s gates were stormed when a car crashed into the facade at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. The driver didn’t appear to be impaired, he said the car didn’t stop.

Don’t try to fly your homemade airplanes: Two Thurston County men are dead after test flying a homemade airplane. It was an experimental open-cockpit plane. It crashed in a logging area. This is some Harrison Ford level shit except the airplanes he crashed weren’t homemade and he’s Harrison Ford.

It's going to feel like fall this weekend: 'Tis the season.

Wait, one more car story: A TV crew in San Francisco was reporting on car break-ins and had both their bait car and their camera crew’s car robbed. They had placed an expensive purse and speaker inside the bait car. The goods were stolen soon after being planted. While the crew was conducting an interview and tracing the stolen goods, their camera van was robbed. Thousands of equipment was stolen.

The Trump administration is opening up a wildlife refuge that surrounds a superfund site: Superfund or super fun??? Colorado’s Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge will be opened to the public despite concerns that it surrounds “one of the nation’s most contaminated former nuclear sites.” The Trump administration heard this, shrugged the shoulders, and is going ahead with opening the refuge anyway. The EPA and Colorado health department have determined that there’s only an “extremely small” risk of cancer at the refuge. It’s going to open tomorrow.

Florence downgraded to a tropical store probably because of this guy: Who says the American spirit can’t chase a hurricane away?

Up to 80 buildings burnt in Massachusetts gas explosions: Residents have been told to steer clear of three Massachusetts neighborhoods on Friday after a flurry of explosions and fires erupted yesterday. Columbia Gas of Massachusetts has been the focus of inquiry for locals. Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency.

Thank you Linda : Hope your Friday is off to this kind of a start, may your drinks never run dry.